20160122: Start learning VBA: (i), Macro and vba/(ii), VBA statement object method Properties

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Start today with "Blue Fantasy" video learning VBA

The macro is actually the operation step

Recorded macros are automatically generated by VBA

In VB, you can write your own

You can specify a macro by using the form button

1. VBA Objects
' 1, workbooks

' Workbooks represents the workbook collection, all workbooks, Workbooks (n), which represents the nth workbook that has been opened
' Workbooks ("Workbook name")
' ActiveWorkbook the workbook that is being manipulated
The workbook where the ' ThisWorkBook ' code resides

' 2, worksheets
' Sheets ("sheet name")
' Sheet1 represents the first inserted sheet, Sheet2 represents the second inserted sheet ....
' Sheets (n) indicates the order, nth sheet
' ActiveSheet represents the active sheet, the worksheet on which the cursor is located
' Worksheet also represents worksheets, but does not include chart sheets, macro worksheets, and so on.

' 3, cell
' Cells all cells
' Range ("cell address")
' Cells (number of rows, number of columns)
' Activecell the cell being selected or edited
' Selection the cell or range of cells that is being selected or selected

2. VBA Properties

' VBA properties are features of VBA objects
' means that a property of an object is represented by the

Object.Properties= property value

Sub TTT ()
Range ("A1"). Value = 100
End Sub

Sub TTT1 ()
Sheets (1). Name = "Worksheet renamed"
End Sub

Sub Ttt2 ()

Sheets ("Sheet2"). Range ("A1"). Value = "ABCD"

End Sub

Sub Ttt3 ()

Range ("A2"). Interior.ColorIndex = 3

End Sub

3. VBA Method

' VBA method is an action that acts on a VBA object

' means that you can use a method for VBA objects in the following format:

' object. Method parameter Name: = parameter value
Sub Ttt4 ()

Steak. Degree of cooked: = Seven mature

Range ("A1"). Copy Range ("A2")
End Sub

Sub Ttt5 ()

Sheet1.move before:=sheets ("Sheet3")

End Sub

Macro Program statement: Complete a function after running


Sub function name ()

EXECUTE statement

End Sub

Sub Test ()

Range ("a1") = 100

End Sub


Second, function program statement: Can return a value after running


Function Shcount ()

Shcount = Sheets.count

End Function


Iii. statements that run in a program


Sub test2 ()

Call Test

End Sub


20160122: Start learning VBA: (i), Macro and vba/(ii), VBA statement object method Properties

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