2017 Xcode Packaged IPA upload detailed tutorial on Apple application market

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Xcode packaged IPA upload full tour of App Store

is divided into 8 steps

1. Apply for iOS certificate

2, import the certificate to Keychain

3, Xcode configuration iOS certificate

4, configure Xcode packaging environment

5, packaging and Export IPA package

6. Create app on itunes Connect

7. Upload IPA to itunes Connect

8, upload the IPA success to the itunes Connect submit audit

I. Application for IOS release certificate and description document

1, first apply for an app IDs (application ID), has applied for a skip.

APP IDs is used in a lot of places back there.

First open the Developer Center https://developer.apple.com/cn/and enter the certificate page.

1.1 Click the certificate, ID and accessories file, enter the setting.

1.2 Select app Ids–> Click + Create a new app ID

There are two items you need to fill out:

The first item, name, is used to describe your app ID, this random fill, no restrictions, preferably the project name, so that you can easily identify (not allowed in Chinese)

The second item bundle ID (APP ID Suffix), which is the suffix of your app ID, needs to be filled in carefully. Used to label our app so that it has a fixed identity that is directly related to your program. Fill in the format of the Explicit App ID: com.company.appName, follow the format, write a handy note, a lot of places to use.

The third app services, by default, will choose 2 items, can not be modified, other according to their own needs of the choice of services, and then click Continue confirm, next.

Check that there is no wrong words directly click Register and click Done to complete the creation of the app ID.

2. Apply for issuing certificate

Here use the Appuploader tool to directly apply for export P12 file and description file, the following upload IPA also need to use.

If the Appuploader is not installed, install it first.

Appuploader Installation Tutorial

2.1 Open Appuploader, enter Apple Developer Center account, login.

2.2 Select Certification

2.3 Click +add, here are the development certificate and so on to create options, here is the third issue certificate.

If you have previously issued a certificate can not be created, with the previous line, Apple rules that individuals can only create 3 publishing certificates.

2.4 Input, certificate name (optional) mailbox (any mailbox line) password (used when importing Keychain assistant) then click OK

2.5 At this time generated a good release certificate, click P12 file, download certificate files, save to the computer.

This will be done by publishing the certificate.

3, the application release description document

3.1 Back to the software click Profiles

3.2 Click +add, here are the development description files and so on options, here Select the release profile.

3.3 Select App IDs, which were previously created in the developer center and will automatically appear here.

3.4 Shangang The published certificate created by the association, enter name, click OK

Note: If you have previously created multiple publishing certificates, the following Publish certificate box displays multiple publishing certificates.

You can select all, by default, the newly created publishing certificate, and then enter the newly created release certificate password when you package.

PS: Publish a certificate different apps can be generic, and the description file is different.

3.5 At this time generated the release of the description file, click Download Download to the computer save

So you get a. P12 document and. Mobileprovision description File

Second, the introduction of iOS certificate P12 to Keychain

1, open Keychain Assistant, double-click P12 file, the default keychain is (login), note here must choose (System)

The iOS certificate will not be an error when packaged later.

2, after the import prompt this certificate is signed by the unknown authority, because it is not the use of the computer Keychain file application for iOS certificate

But it doesn't matter, just set the trust.

3, double-click the certificate, click Trust, use this certificate, set to always trust.

Third, Xcode configuration iOS certificate and packaged environment

1, open your project with XOCDE, click to enter the Setup certificate interface.

There are two places to set up

Select Code Signing the following release (publish) debugs is a beta, if the package test to select the beta version, import iOS release certificate.

The App Store selected the release version.

Then select the corresponding iOS release certificate you just uploaded.

2, back to the basic information settings interface, Bundie this fill, the first to create the AppID, with the creation of the iOS description file when the same choice.

There is also an error message below because the iOS description file has not been imported.

3, double click. mobileprovision description file, flash the automatic import to Xcode, no error indication can be.

4, select the Xcode menu bar if the picture shows

5. Modify the archived to release

6, click Select Equipment, select for packaging equipment.

Iv. Project Packaging IPA package Export

1, select the menu bar as shown in the picture, if the archive or gray, the previous configuration does not take effect, exit reopened.

Click Archive to start packing.

2, packaging progress bar after walking, will pop up the following interface, click Expcrt

3. This is a personal Development Account posted to the app Store, so select the first item and click Next. Select the second item for test debugging.

4, choose your developer account, not login will prompt you to login, click Choose, will check your certificate is correct.

5, iOS certificate detection through this step, click Export, will export a folder, which is the IPA document, is done.

VI. Create app on itunes Connect

5.1 Back to the software, click Itunerconnect, and enter itunes Connect into the Create app.

5.2 Select My app click on the top left corner + number to choose New app, enter your application name, language, set ID, previously created in the developer center of the corresponding app IDs

(The same as the AppID you chose when you created the iOS release profile, so the IPA, packaged with iOS certificates, could be uploaded for recognition)

SKU cannot be written in Chinese, click Create.

5.3 Here prompts to use Xcode or application loader submit IPA, and so on Appuploader directly in the Windows environment Upload IPA, do not have a Mac.

Now the app all the information is not filled in, wait to upload the IPA successfully and then fill in.

There is no + number next to the build version, and the IPA will appear after the upload, which will be used later.

Vii. uploading of IPA to app Store

6.1 Open Appuploader Program, click Upload.

6.2 Select a newly generated IAP package

6.3Appuploader will automatically upload your IPA, when the following prompts, the description of the successful upload, click Deail can view the app information.

Eight, back to itunes Connect submit audit

7.1 Upload a good IPA, and then back to itunes Connect, enter the information page, there is a build version of the option, there is no + before this, if the upload succeeds, a plus button will appear next to a few minutes, click + and then there will appear you just uploaded the app, Upload multiple versions will appear more than one, click to complete.

Note: If the + number does not appear after a period of time, perhaps the IPA does not meet the requirements, there will be a feedback mail come, according to the feedback of the problem to be modified after uploading.

Added build version, if you want to modify the Add, packaging, add the version number, if the same as before the upload.

Click Delete will appear + number, you can choose other upload version to submit the audit.

7.2 and then set up a good app related information, categories, prices, sales services.

If your app only supports the IPhone, you only need to provide a 5.5-inch screen screenshot.

Pixel-Portrait: 1242 x 2208, Transverse: 2208 x 1242

The DPI, RGB, flattened, opaque

High quality JPEG or PNG image File format).

Other sizes of the check quote 5.5-inch on the line, upload up to 5.

If your app supports the ipad, a 12.9-inch screenshot will suffice.

The app icon's specs are 1024*1024.

7.3 Set up the corresponding app information, click Submit for review.

7.4 Submit audit back to my app view prompts are waiting for the audit, audit sometimes quickly a day or two, or a few days, often landing to see the audit situation, or to see the mail prompts.

If it becomes available for sale, congratulate you on the success of the shelves, if the display is rejected, click to view the problem, according to the feedback changes and then upload again.

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