21 stories worth pondering!

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1. Jia went to buy cigarettes, smoke 29 yuan, but he didn't have a match. He said to the clerk, "By the way, let's get a box of matches ." The clerk did not give it.

B went to buy cigarettes, smoke 29 yuan, he did not match, said to the Clerk: "cheap a hair ." Finally, he bought a box of matches with the hair.

This is the simplest psychological marginal effect. First, shopkeepers think they have made money on one product, and the other has not made any money. The profitability index is 1. Second: the shopkeepers think that both products are making money, and the profit index is 2. Of course, there is a second psychological tendency. Similarly, this kind of psychology is also manifested in buying one get one free tricks. Customers think that there is one thing they don't have to pay, so they make money. In fact, it's all about the psychological marginal effect. -...

Revelation: Changing a method often produces unexpected results! A lot of things usually have different results. On the road of life, it is very important to improve mental models and ways of thinking .. ..~.


2. There was a little boy. One day, his mother took him to the grocery store to buy things. When the boss saw this lovely child, he opened a pot of candy and asked the little boy to take a handful of candy. But the boy has no action. After several invitations, the boss grabbed candy and put it in his pocket. When I got home, my mother curiously asked the little boy why the boss didn't grab the candy by herself? The little boy replied, "My hands are small! The boss has a relatively large hand, so he must have taken a lot more than I did !" -...

Revelation: this is a smart child. He knows his limitations, and more importantly, he knows that others are better than himself. Everything depends not only on your own strength, but also on others in a timely manner. It is a kind of humility and a kind of intelligence ......~.....


3. One day, the famous American host Lin CLEIT visited a child and asked him, "What do you want to do when you grow up ?" The children replied naively: "Well ...... I want to be a plane pilot !" Linclet went on to ask, "What if one day your plane flew over the Pacific Ocean and all the engines turned off ?" The child thought, "I will first tell the person on the plane to bind his seat belt, and then I will hook up my parachute and jump out ." When the audience laughed, lincate continued to watch the child and wanted to see if he was a clever guy. Unexpectedly, then the two lines of the child burst into tears, which made lincit realize that the child's compassion is far from being described by pen and ink. So linclet asked him, "Why are you doing this ?" The answer from the child revealed his sincere thoughts: "I want to get fuel, and I want to come back !!!" -.

Inspiration: This is the art of listening ". First, do not listen half as obedient. Second, do not project your meaning to what others say. Learn to listen, listen attentively, and listen modestly.


4. Two monks lived in the temple on the adjacent two mountains. There is a creek between the two mountains, so the two monks go down the hill to pick water at the same time every day. Over time, they become good friends. In this way, it has been five years without knowing how to pick water every day. Suddenly one day the monk on the left did not go down the hill to pick water, and the monk on the right thought: "He probably overslept. "I don't agree. Do you know that the monk on the left of the next day still does not go down the hill to pick up water? The same is true on the third day. After a week, the monk in the right side of the mountain finally couldn't stand it. He thought, "my friend may be ill. I want to visit him, see what you can do. "So he climbed the hill on the left to visit his old friend. When he arrived at the temple on the left, he was surprised when he saw his old friend, because his old friend was playing Taijiquan in front of the temple. It was not like a person who had no water for a month. He curiously asked: "You haven't picked up water in the downhill for a month. Do you have to drink water? "The Monk on the left said," Come and see you. "So he took the monk from the right mountain to the back yard of the temple and pointed to a well and said," Over the past five years, I have spent some time digging this well after my homework. Even if I am very busy sometimes, the number of resources that can be dug is even greater. Now that I have finally dug out well water, I don't have to go down the hill to pick up water. I can spend more time practicing my favorite Taijiquan. "-

Inspiration: if we receive more salaries in the company, we will be excited. However, when we get off work, we need to dig a well of our own to cultivate our own strength. In the future, when we are older, we will not be able to compete with young people, and we will still have water to drink, you can also have a good time. -

5. There were two people who agreed to go to the mountains to find the exquisite stones. Jia carried a full basket, and only one of the baskets he thought was the most beautiful stone. A smiled and said, "Why do you only pick one ?" "Although there are many beautiful stones, it is enough for me to choose the most elegant one," B said ." A smiled and said nothing. On the way down the hill, a felt that the burden was getting heavier and heavier, and finally had to pick the worst one from the basket of stones, when he got down the hill, there was only one stone in his basket! -

Revelation: There are many things in your life that deserve your nostalgia. Sometimes you should learn to give up.


6. There is a toothpaste factory with excellent products and exquisite packaging, which is favored by customers. The turnover increases continuously for 10 years and the annual growth rate is between 10% and ~ 20%. However, in the next two years, performance has stagnated. The company manager holds a high-level meeting to discuss countermeasures. During the meeting, the company's president promised: who can come up with a solution to solve the problem, so that the company's performance can grow, with a heavy prize of 0.1 million yuan. A young manager stood up and handed a piece of paper to the President. After reading the paper, the President immediately signed a cheque of 0.1 million yuan to the manager. The paper says: it will increase the current toothpaste opening by 1mm. Every morning, consumers squeeze out toothpaste of the same length and expand the opening by 1mm. Each consumer will use a toothpaste of 1mm W. How much will be consumed every day! The company changes the packaging immediately. In 14th, the company's turnover increased by 32%. -

Revelation: In the face of changes in our lives, we often get used to our past ways of thinking. In fact, as long as you increase your mind by 1mm, you will see that changes in your life have a positive side, full of opportunities and challenges.



7. A turkey chatted with a cow. The Turkey said: I hope to fly to the top of the tree, but I have no courage. Niu said: Why don't I eat some of my cow dung? They are very nutritious. The turkey eats a bit of cow dung and finds that it does give it enough strength to fly to the first branch. The next day, the turkey eats more cow dung and flies to the second branch, two weeks later, the turkey flew proudly to the top of the tree, but soon a farmer saw it and quickly shot it out of the tree. -

Revelation: the bull's shit makes you reach the top, but you cannot stay there.


8. The crow stood on the tree and had nothing to do all day. When the rabbit saw the crow, he asked: Can I do anything like you? The crow said: Of course, what can't it do? As a result, the rabbit began to rest in the open space under the tree. Suddenly, a fox appeared, and it jumped up and grabbed the rabbit and swallowed it down. -

Revelation: if you want to stand and do nothing, you must stand very tall.


9. A bird flew south to spend the winter. It's very cold, and birds are almost frozen. So, fly to a large open space, a cow passes there, pulled a pile of cow dung on the bird's body, frozen bird lying in the dung pile, feel very warm, gradually woke up, it lay warm and comfortable, and soon sang a song. A passing wild cat heard the sound and walked over to see whether it was. Following the sound, the wild cat soon found the bird lying in the dung pile, drag it out and eat it. -

Revelation: Not everyone who pulls dung from you is your enemy. Not everyone who pulls you out of the dung pile is your friend. Also, when you lie in the dung pile, you 'd better close your mouth.


10. In the past, two hungry people were given the gift of an elder: a fishing rod and a basket of fresh and huge fish. One of them wants a basket of fish, and the other wants a fishing rod, so they part their ways. The person who got the fish started to cook the fish with a bonfire in the same place. He swallowed the fish and didn't taste the meat of the fresh fish. in a twinkling of an eye, the fish and the soup were swallowed up by him. Soon, then he starved to death beside the empty basket. Another person continued to starve with a fishing rod and walked to the beach step by step. But when he saw the blue ocean not far away, his last strength was exhausted, he can only hide his eyes with endless regrets. There were two other hungry people who also received a fishing rod and a basket of fish from the elders. But they didn't go to different things, but agreed to look for the sea together. They cook only one fish each time. After a long journey, they came to the sea. From then on, they started fishing for a living. A few years later, they built a house, their families, their children, their fishing boats, and they lived a happy and healthy life. -

Revelation: A person who only cares about the immediate interests will eventually get a short period of joy. A person's goal is high, but also needs to face the real life. Only by organically combining the ideal with the reality can we become a successful person. Sometimes, a simple principle is enough to give a meaningful life inspiration. -



11. A student of Confucius found something dirty in the pot while cooking porridge. He quickly picked it up with a spoon and thought it was hard to get a porridge and a meal. So I ate it. Coincidentally, Confucius entered the kitchen and thought that he was stealing food. Then he taught the student responsible for cooking. After explanation, everyone suddenly realized. Confucius said with emotion: "What I saw with my own eyes is not true. What's more, what about listening ?" -

Inspiration: sales promotion is an organizational business. There are many people and many personnel problems. From time to time, we often hear that it is not difficult to distinguish. For example, if a company attacks another company, it is often confusing and confusing, affecting confidence. Therefore, it is not easy to believe in rumors to find out the truth of things. A hard-working career will not be destroyed. -


12. A talent admitted to Beijing for the third time and lived in a regular store. Two days before the test, he had three dreams. The first dream was that he had planted cabbage on the wall, and the second dream was that he had a rainy day. He had a big fight and an umbrella, the third dream is to lie with your beloved cousin, but with your back. These three dreams seem to have a deep understanding. The next day, the talent quickly went to the fortune-telling solution. As soon as the fortune teller heard it, he repeatedly said, "You should go home. Do you think it's hard to plant vegetables on the high walls? Isn't that an option? I am lying in bed with my cousin, but back to back. Isn't it boring? "When I heard it, I was disheartened. I went back to the store to pack my bags and prepare to go home. The store manager was very strange and asked, "didn't you take the test tomorrow? Why did you go home today? "Xiucai said so, and the store manager was happy:" Yo, I will also dream about it. I think you must stay here this time. Do you think that planting vegetables on the walls is not high? Does it mean that you are not prepared for the attack this time? Lying in bed with your cousin back to back, doesn't it mean you're about to be there when you turn over? "It makes sense to listen to the talent, so I took the test in an exciting spirit. -

Inspiration: positive people, like the sun, where the light shines, negative people, like the moon, are different in the first fifteen. An idea determines our life, our thoughts, and our future.


13. One day, the zoo administrators found that the kangaroo ran out of the cage, and they agreed that the height of the cage was too low. So they decided to increase the height of the cage from the original 10 meters to 20 meters. The next day, they found that the kangaroo was still running outside, so they decided to raise the height to thirty meters. They did not expect that the kangaroo was running out the next day, so the administrators were very nervous, it was decided that the cage height should be increased to one hundred. One day, the giraffe chatted with a few kangaroo people. "You see, will these people continue to raise your cage? "Asked the giraffe. "It's hard to say. "Kangaroo said," If they forget to close the door again! "-

Revelation: in fact, many people only know the problem, but cannot grasp the core and foundation of the problem.


14. One night, it was very late. An old couple walked into a hotel and they wanted a room. The front-end waiter replied, "Sorry, our hotel is full and there is no room left. "Looking at the tired look of the old man, the waiter could not bear to let the old man go out for another accommodation late at night. In such a small town, I am afraid other hotels have been fully occupied. Isn't this tired old man going to the streets late at night? The good-hearted waiter led the old man to a room and said, "maybe it is not the best, but now I can only do this. "The old man saw a clean and tidy room, so he had a pleasant stay. The next day, when they came to the front-end to settle the bill, the waiter said to them, "No, because I just lent you my house for a night.-Have a pleasant trip! "It turns out so. The waiter did not go to bed for a night, so he went to the front desk for a night shift. The two old people were very touched. The old man said, "Child, you are the best hotel operator I have ever seen. You will be rewarded. "The waiter smiled and said it was nothing. He gave the old man out of the door, turned and went on to do his work, and forgot about it. I did not expect that one day, the waiter received a letter and opened it. There was a one-way ticket to New York with a brief postscript, asking him to do another job. He flew to New York and followed the path indicated in the letter to a place. He looked up and saw a magnificent hotel standing in front of him. It turned out that late at night a few months ago, he received a billionaire and his wife. The rich man bought a hotel for the waiter and was confident that he would manage the hotel. This is the legend of Hilton's first manager. -



15. A performer told his disciples that his shoelaces were loose before playing. The master nodded and thanked him. After the disciple turned around, he squatted down again to loosen his shoelaces. A bystander saw all this and asked, "Master, why do you want to loosen your shoelaces? "The master replied," because I played a tired traveler and made his shoelaces loose during the long journey, I could use this detail to show his fatigue. "" Why don't you tell your disciples directly? "" He can carefully discover that my shoelaces are loose and enthusiastically tell me that I must protect his enthusiasm and encourage him in time, as to why I want to unbind my shoelaces, I will have more opportunities to teach him to perform the show. I can talk about it next time. "-

Revelation: people can only do one thing at a time and grasp the key points. They are the real talents.


16. A man caught a young e in the nest on the top of the mountain. He brought the young e home and kept it in a chicken cage. The e and the chicken eat, play, and rest together. It thinks it is a chicken. The e grew up and its wings were full. The master wanted to train it into a falcon, but it had become exactly the same as the chicken because it had been mixed with the chicken all day long, there is no desire to fly. The master tried various methods without any effect. Finally, he took it to the top of the hill and threw it out. The e fell down like a rock and flushed its wings in a panic. In this way, it finally flew up! -

Inspiration: hone the power of successful calls.


17. after the rain, a spider struggled to climb the broken network on the wall. As the wall was wet, it climbed to a certain height and fell down. it climbed up and down again and again, falling down again and again ...... When the first person saw it, he sighed and said to himself, "isn't my life just like this spider? Busy without income. "So he is getting depressed. The second person saw it. He said: this spider is really stupid. Why don't I go up from the dry place next to it? I cannot be as stupid as it is in the future. So he became smart. The third person saw that he was immediately moved by the spirit of repeated spider defeats. So he became strong. -

Revelation: those with a successful mindset can discover the power of success everywhere.


18. an old man accidentally dropped his new shoe from the window on a high-speed train, unexpectedly, the old man immediately threw the second shoe out of the window. This behavior is even more surprising. The old man explained: "No matter how expensive this shoe is, it is useless for me. If someone can pick up a pair of shoes, maybe he can wear it again! "-

Inspiration: Successful people are good at giving up.


19. A large company plans to hire a car driver with a high salary. After screening and examination, there are only three competitors with the best technology. The examiner asked them: "There is a gold block on the side of the cliff. You are driving your car to get it. How close is it to the cliff and it won't fall? "" Two meters. "First said. "Half meters. "The second place said with confidence. "I will try to stay away from the cliff, and the farther the better. "Said the third digit. As a result, the company was admitted to the third place. -

Inspiration: do not compete with temptation, but stay farther and farther as possible.


20. The old monk traveled with the little monk and met a river. seeing a woman trying to cross the river, she did not dare to pass. The old monk took the initiative to carry the woman across the river, and then put down the woman, and the little monk continued to drive. The monk couldn't help wondering: What happened to master? How dare I cross the river with a girl? After walking all the way, I finally couldn't help it. I said, "Master, have you quit? Why is it a girl? The old monk sighed: I have already put it down, but you still can't let it go! -

Revelation: A gentleman is Frank and a villain is always close to each other. He has a broad mind, a cheerful mind, and can always maintain a healthy state of mind.


21. A psychology professor visited the crazy people's court to learn about the life status of a madman. A day later, I thought these people were crazy and acting unexpectedly. I was surprised to find that my tires were dropped when I was preparing to return. "It must be a madman! "The Professor was so angry that he wanted to prepare a spare tire for installation. The problem is serious. The person with the tires dropped the screws. No screws or spare tires! The professor is helpless. When he was in a hurry, a madman jumped over and sang an unknown happy song in his mouth. He found a difficult professor and stopped to ask what happened. The professor told him politely. The madman laughed and said, "I have a solution! "He got a screw from each tire, so he got three screws and mounted the spare tire. The professor was surprised and grateful. He was very curious: "How did you come up with this solution? "I'm a madman, but I'm not a nerd! "-

-Inspiration; think for yourself ····

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