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Lemon Mom's recommendations: Mobile Phone apps that tell stories, and story apps that will tell stories

Lemon Mom's recommendations: Mobile Phone apps that tell stories, and story apps that will tell stories When I was one year old, I suddenly became very interested in the story. I remember that the first set of books I bought home was Sasaki's baby bear picture book, a full set of 15 books, every page contains about one or two sentences. On the night of getting home, lemons let me tell her over and over aga

Server raid5 data recovery success stories, disk array data recovery methods, raid5 success stories

Server raid5 data recovery success stories, disk array data recovery methods, raid5 success stories [Introduction to physical servers and logical Storage] The customer uses an IBM 3850 server and four RAID 5 disk arrays made of 300 gb sas disks. The server operating system is Windows x64 and runs a single-node Oracle version of The data is stored as a file system and is not archived. This oracle d

68 typical inspirational stories | philosophical stories that benefit you for life (1)

Are you often troubled by some inexplicable and wonderful problems on your way to life? The confusion of life and the tension in the workplace sometimes make you breathless. Maybe this articleArticle68 classicInspirationalSmall stories and philosophical stories can relieve your stress and give you some inspiration and insights. These inspirational stories and phi

Many database data processing stories and database data processing stories

Many database data processing stories and database data processing stories Every year, you will encounter a series of data import problems. I learned a lot from it. In the past two days, I have been asked why you are always importing data. There is no problem with the data. To make full preparations, we need to sort out the most complete data of the 8-phase version into the 10-phase database. Background: T

Uncover the pitfalls behind SEO success stories

Just in the SEO group of a business owner told me that he found in Taobao SEO rankings, after the payment, the other side but ran away. The other just opened a shop in Taobao, and then showed a lot of "SEO success stories" (so he believed the other side), and the charge is very low (200 pieces of a keyword bag before three, this real cabbage price, but unexpectedly always cheap is the most expensive.) ), but did not expect the other side to do so, and

Tales of Philosophy | tales | stories | Inspirational articles

Two of the most philosophical stories The Tragedy of Life One day, in the country, I saw an old farmer tying a big buffalo to a small wooden stake. I walked up to the old farmer and said, "uncle, it's going to run away." The old farmer chuckled and said with a certain tone: "It won't run away, it's always like this." I am a little puzzled, can't help but ask: "Why not?" Such a small stake, the cow as long as a little bit of force, do not pull out? A

Database Data Processing Stories many

has two IDs same as the student same ID. The results are shown below. See! Display content as follows Story Four: The first time we copied the sorted data into the database, we took the Excel field and the database field in a consistent manner and then CTRL + C +V. As a result, more than 20,000 students need more than 10 minutes to import. So we use the database comes with the import Excel function, found that even 500,000 of data can be instantly done. It is just a table that will be rebor

The original Java world has so many wonderful stories, learning Java is really interesting!

her up. And weJavaThere is always a picture in the world:There is a kind of spindle called wait (), there is a kiss called Notify (). There is a beautiful thread princess, she met wait (), unless the Prince kissed her, otherwise she would have been asleep, and soon the thread Prince appeared, the Prince with notify () to the princess woke up. Since then the princess and the Prince have been together to live a happy and beautiful life. How about that? I've seen so much, I think weJavaThe world i

One of the Linux learning-from the stories of three important people and a mind guide

Window System + FREE + x86 abbreviation• Increased demand for user graphics interfaces;· MIT has worked with third parties in 1984 to develop the X Window System;· MIT founded the nonprofit organization XFree86 in 1988.10.1991: A message from Dutch university student Linus TorvaldsLinus Torvalds is known as the Father of Linux, a famous computer program clerk and Hacker. The inventor of the Linux kernel and the partner of the program. He uses personal time and equipment to create one of the mos

USER STORIES and use Cases-don ' T use BOTH

We ' re in Orlando for a working session as part of the Core Team building BABOK V3 and over dinner this evening we got to D Iscussing the relationship between user stories and use cases (it wasn ' t the only thing we discussed, we is also a social Group;-)).We noted with concern that there has been a number of recent discussions (client, articles, blogs and general industry) O F using both User Stories and

Learn agile development step by step: 3. How to Write user stories

This article is based on the book "user stories and agile methods" after attending the agile1001 Open Class in January this year.1. What is a user story? User stories are valuable functions for users. Good user stories should include three elements: Role, function, and commercial value. The common format of user stories

User stories and Agile methods read Note 05

13th. Advantages of User Stories  From the previous chapter we learned that there are a variety of ways to handle demand, but why should we choose a user story? Because it brings multiple benefits:① User Stories emphasize verbal communication: from ancient times, oral expression is very important. and the oral presentation is more straightforward than the ambiguity of written writing, as is the requirement

"User Stories and agile development" read Note 04

"User Stories and agile development" reading notes Today I took two hours to read the 12th, 13, 14 and 15 chapters of user stories and agile development and wrote this reading note. The 12th chapter is titled "Story is not what". IEEE 830 is a guide to how to write software requirements specifications, and the most prominent feature is the use of the phrase "system should ...", but the author argues that a

Summary of user stories and agile methods

1. Write a story This chapter only lists the characteristics of good stories. Invest: Independent, negotiable, valuable to users, evaluable by developers, small, and testable. 2. User Role Modeling This chapter only lists how to obtain a user role, but does not provide a good basis for the Division. The specific method is a refined process. Brainstorm to find all possible roles Sort and check the relevance Merge and remove related roles Abstract

Philosophical stories and management approaches (21)-use emotions to motivate subordinates

"hate yourself" Philosophical stories and management approaches (20)-use crisis to motivate subordinates Philosophical stories and management approaches (19)-rational pressure on subordinates to motivate their work Philosophical stories and Management paths (18)-jump up to a desired goal is perfect Philosophical stories

Principle of dividing user stories

In the agile development process, the user stories are used to describe the requirements into realistic and visible development tasks that can be iterated. Therefore, in the process of agile software development, the Division of user stories plays an important role in iteration and development. A user story is a story described from the user's perspective based on its name. It is also a story that the user

Development Management checklists (11)-agile development-collect stories

Note: The Development Management Checklists-series of articles are transplanted from my iteye blog. The Development Management checklists column will be updated directly in the future. How do you collect stories? This article tells you how to work with users and how to communicate with them to discover stories. The following four are the most effective methods to collect

Philosophical stories and management approaches (16)-confidence is sufficient only when the objectives are clear

Note: philosophical stories and management-a series of articles are transplanted from my iteye blog. The http://jlins.iteye.com will be updated directly here in the future/ Story 1: It's worse to lose sight of a target than to die. Every time a warlord executes a prisoner, the prisoner is asked to choose: one shot or another black hole on the wall. The fate is unknown, all prisoners are willing to go to the black hole without knowing what is in it.

Thoughts on "User stories and Agile Methods" (v.)

Thoughts on "User stories and Agile Methods" (v.)Today, I read the third part of the book-the topics that are often discussed, the user stories are not what, the advantages of user stories and bad signs.First, the user story is not a guide to the software Requirements specification, which emphasizes the "system should ...", and for requirements specification guid

User stories and Agile methods read Note three

12th Chapter: What is the storyThe user story differs from the IEEE 830 Software Requirements Specification, use case, and the home-pride design scenario.It is more important to consider the user's goal than to list the characteristics of the scenario.User stories are similar to use case scenarios. They have different integrity and longevity. They are written for different purposes.The 13th chapter: The advantage of the user storyUser

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