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We have introduced 10 JavaScript-based WYSIWYG editors that can edit and process rich Web content online, including formatted text, tables, images, and media, links, and so on, are very suitable for integration into the CMS website content management system. This article also collected 22 online Web editors, which basically represent the current situation of the Web Editor.

1. TinyMCE

Free, open-source, lightweight, JavaScript-based, highly customizable, and cross-platform.

2. FCKEditor

Free, open-source, large user base, and good community support.

3. YUI Editor

Belongs to Yahoo! YUI can output pure XHTML code.

4. NicEdit

Simple, easy to use, lightweight, and beautiful appearance.

5. Kupu

Open-source, supports Ajax storage, cross-platform, and easy integration. It was launched by OSCOM.

6. Free Rich Text Editor

Easy to deploy and output XHTML code with rich functions.

7. WebWiz RichTextEditor

This is a commercial product that is not free of charge, but has rich functions based on ASP, JavaScript, and DHTML.

8. XStandard

Therefore, this editor will generate the standard-compliant pure XHTML code.

9. Damn Small Rich Text Editor

It is very small Based on jQuery and PHP background (~ 18 K), but with rich functions.

10. WidgEditor

It is simple, easy to use, and open-source. Even if the browser does not support JavaScript, it can still work well.

11. Kevin Roths Cross Browser Rich Text Editor

A good editor that supports skin, conforms to the XHTML standard, and is compatible with different browsers. It can be divided into two versions: the free version and the paid version.


It has many outstanding features, which are easy to deploy and extremely fast.

13. CodePlex Rich Text Editor

Based on ASP. NET, only IE and Firefox are supported currently.

14. FreeTextBox

It integrates functions such as photo album and spelling check, and is especially suitable for ASP. NET projects.

15. Silverlight Rich Text Editor

It is suitable for use with Microsoft's Silverlight and has rich functions. However, it seems that the original author no longer updates this project.

16. BXE (Bitflux Editor)

It has been open-source since 2002 and has a group of Loyal users and communities. It is said to be one of the best WYSIWYG editors currently.

17. MarkItUp!

JQuery-based, lightweight, supports keyboard shortcuts, and supports a variety of code, including HTML, Textile, Wiki Syntax, Markdown, BBcode.

18. Dijit Editor for Dojo

Based on the Dojo JavaScript framework, It outputs clean HTML code, supports plug-ins, and has fresh buttons.

19. EditArea

Easy to integrate, clean code, real-time syntax highlighted, automatic indent, multilingual support, multi-instance support, full screen mode, and other functions.

20. WYMeditor

The output of clean XHTML + SCTRICT Code focuses on structure and semantics and is the best solution for outputting structured XHTML code.

21. Whizzywig

Multi-browser support, Web security color selector, support for tables, images, Word Code cleansing, spelling check, and other functions.

22. Xinha

Based onBSD Protocol, easy to deploy and expand, with good community support.

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