24. To raise 100,000 shares from the public number to learn the commercial thinking

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1. All of a sudden, I saw the play of public shares.

Yesterday, in the public number "Eagle said" (Id:joeytalks) saw him to make a new play, sell the public number of shares, acquaintances 1000 block a share, strangers 2000 yuan a share. At that time, he announced that he had raised 100,000 yuan by selling shares and analyzed the business logic in detail.

2. The author analyzes the business thinking behind selling shares in detail

The "Eagle said" this public number, through the premise of a daily high-quality content and the recommendation of the Big V, got 10,000 seed users.

But, he himself as a company founder, usually very busy, spend half an hour a day to maintain the public number is worth it? Give up and reluctant.

And now running the public number requires high-quality content, but in a busy business, while not guaranteeing a high quality of output every day, what to do?

Another idea: If this is a business, what should you do?

No first-out advantage, no core technology (content), most of the start-up companies, the face of the situation is not it?

His early operations proved that the public number (the equivalent of a startup project) was feasible, and he considered financing.

Next, the most exciting part, Joey analyzes the business logic of this financing in detail (below the red font content, from the "Eagle said" public number):

for investors, there is a need to advertise themselves or their company. However, this need is not long-term. To any of the media to run the so-called advertising, the effect of the dissemination of whatever, investment is far more than The cost of the yuan. If for this, oneself to run a self-media, that is simply to eat mouth lobster contracted the whole fish pond. But what if we take A stake in a fish pond?

for the public, the funds can be bought to buy high-quality content, to hire assistants to help take care of the public number, to cooperate with third parties to organize events and so on to promote the development of the public number.

Once I thought about it with the businessman's mind, I found it was a normal choice. A person can not do to continue to pay, I will find a bunch of people to provide money for a person to pay. One person can't supply so much quality content, I spend money to buy quality content to ensure quality.

This is a typical large-scale business logic. by doing 0 to 1 of their own interest and vanity , thenext step would be to have tangible benefits, leverage the capital, and put 1 do it.

Look, this is what I learned from my career. I am now a businessman, another nice name, called the entrepreneur.

learned these things, I used the 3 years. Today, I'll tell you all about it. Hope you can have a harvest.

3. I'm still in the frog.

After watching this share of the eagle, I could not calm myself.

Individuals in the mobile internet industry for more than 3 years, experienced 3 entrepreneurial team, two failure experience. In this process, I am responsible for the technical direction, considering the background of the structure of the problem, how to design the background more efficient and so on.

Last year, slowly began on the blog, the public to share their experience in the entrepreneurial team, QQ, in the app back-end QQ group and from the national entrepreneurs and back-end development chat, Vision opened. This process, although there is also the product and technology thinking, but more just stay on the surface, no further thinking about the commercial thinking here.

In the process of running the "app backend" public number, I wanted to develop my own commercial thinking by running the public number. But in the Eagle says, "Are you fit to start a business?" mentioned:

second, run a Weibo or public number. No money to buy, through the content operation, 10000 a fan (subscription). Friends are counted.

It's a little harder than the first one, but it's still not difficult. But it's a great test of your understanding of communication, your grasp of demand, and your insight into human nature.

You can write jokes, you can sell Moe, you can extract the male chicken soup. But the result must be that you can take care of the particular target group you choose.

Communication ability, marketing ability, will be in your recruitment, change, marketing products, such as the various aspects of entrepreneurship play a decisive role. This is a pass, do not go overboard.

Do I have a real analysis of the core needs of my target users? Think about what I have, what I can offer, what are some of the core issues that the target user needs? has been using his public number as a note on the ~-~.

I have always thought that I am in a tuyere industry, even if have not eaten pork have not seen a pig run? Have a good understanding of the industry, until now often to the wife's entrepreneurial ideas to tell the finger.

Until tonight to see the Eagle's article, and finally found a fact: I was still a frog in the well, the level of thinking has not been elevated up.

In the year of Huang Tingjian Zen course, personally confirmed to the "Heart is Qi" when the benefit of life. Today, I thank the eagle for giving me a lifelong lesson.

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24. To raise 100,000 shares from the public number to learn the commercial thinking

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