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A Practical blog desktop editor can greatly facilitate our blog life, either for senior blogs or for those who regularly post on different blogs. There are many blog editors on the market. Some do not need to connect to the Internet. Some can run on different operating platforms, and some can only be used for Windows or Mac OSX. Some are charged, and some are completely free. However, all blog editors share one thing in common-they can improve the efficiency of blog writing.

This article introduces more than 20 blog desktop editors, no matter which operating platform you are using, no matter what your budget for the editor is, there is always one that can meet your requirements. Users who have not even installed any Blog system can find the appropriate editor to post blog logs.

Bleezer (cross-platform)

Bleezer is a free client blog editor that uses WYSIWYG (WYSIWYG) Editor. It supports log classification, spelling check, Image Upload, and offline mode. Bleezer can add multiple tags to logs and can be used on all blog systems.

Blogdesk (Windows platform)

Blogdesk is a free blog editor that supports MovableType, WordPress, Drupal, serendipity, and expressionengine. Blogdesk uses the WYSIWYG text editor to insert images and edit images. It can modify published logs and automatically generate tags to check spelling errors. When using blogdesk, you can download the blogdesk operation instructions (PDF ).

Blogjet (Windows platform)

Blogjet uses the WYSIWYG text editor to check spelling errors and count words. blogjet also has unique features for inserting toutube and Flickr images. Blogjet supports mainstream operating platforms such as WordPress, movable type, typepad, blogger, Drupal, squarespace, blogharbor, and MSN live spaces.

On blogjet, all logs are cached. You can immediately search for cached logs. Therefore, even if you are not connected to the Internet, you can view previous logs. Blogjet has many other advantages, such as its automatic replacement function, which can send logs to different blogs in batches. It also integrates browsers and feed subscriber so that users can easily write logs.

Blogjet's biggest disadvantage is its price: $39.95 for a single private license, $79.95 for a single commercial license, and $399.95 for an unlimited commercial license.

Blogtk (gnome platform)

Blogtk is an open-source blog editor (with BSD license) based on the gnome platform. You can use blogtk even if you do not open a browser window. Blogtk supports blogger, WordPress, MovableType, and other Python-based blog platforms.

Windows Live writer (Windows)

Windows Live writer supports inserting multiple images, cropping/flipping images, Twitter, Digg and Flickr plug-ins, instant preview, word count, and spelling check.
Windows Live writer also allows users to insert Windows Live albums into logs. Live writer is free of charge and can run on Blog systems such as Windows Live, blogger, WordPress, livejournal, and typepad.

Macjournal (MAC platform)

Macjournal is a log software for Mac platforms. You can use macjournal to upload logs to all mainstream blog systems and to A. Mac account. You can also upload your own podcast video to the log through macjournal.

Macjournal also integrates Picasa (an image management tool ). A single macjournal license is priced at $34.95.

Blogo (MAC platform)

Blogo can be used in blog systems such as typepad, blogger, WordPress, Twitter, movable type, and Drupal. Blogo supports multiple accounts. You can insert images into logs, Drag and Drop images, crop images, insert podcast videos, and send messages to ping. FM and Twitter. Blogo supports offline mode.

Blogo is priced at $25, but this software has a 21-day free trial.

Myblogedit (MAC platform)

Myblogedit provides the offline editing function to easily process images. It supports previewing, custom CSS, HTML syntax highlighted color display, and so on.

Myblogedit can be used in blog systems such as WordPress, movable type, typepad, and Expression Engine. The price of myblogedit is 10 euro.

Myweblog (MAC platform)

Myweblog is the best choice for Wordpress users. myweblog has all the functions of myblogedit and integrates many WP functions including page editing. Myweblog is priced at 19 Euro.

Deepest sender (cross-platform)

Deepest sender is a free blog editor running on Firefox, SeaMonkey, and xulrunner. Deepest sender uses the WYSIWYG text editor and supports multi-blog registration, spelling check, and offline mode. This blog editor also has the automatic recovery function. If the browser suddenly fails when the user edits the log, the deepest sender can save the input content before the fault, avoiding users' loss. You can also add deepest sender to the tool bar of Mozilla or Firefox, and then publish logs in it.
Deepest sender can be used in WordPress, livejournal, and blogger blog systems.

Drivel (gnome platform)

Drivel is a free gnome blog editor available on livejournal, blogger, advogato, MovableType, and atom-based blog systems (such as WordPress and Drupal. Drivel supports offline editing mode, automatic recovery, spelling check, HTML syntax highlighting, and system expansion (including MovableType log classification and livejourna security group ).

Ecto (MAC platform)

Ecto is also configured with the WYSIWYG text editor and HTML editor to locally manage recently published logs. It supports multiple accounts, draft saving, image processing, and other functions. Ecto integrates the RSS subscriber and supports log preview. It can be used in blog systems such as blogger, Drupal, movable type, squarespace, WordPress, and typepad. The ecto price is USD 19.95.

Flock (cross-platform)

Flock is equivalent to a free "social website Browser ". In addition to posting logs to your own blog, flock also allows users to post logs to various social network website accounts. Currently, flock can be used in blog systems such as blogger, WordPress, livejournal, blogsome, typepad, and other social websites.

Flock is a standard blog editor that uses the WYSIWYG text editor to insert images and videos and provides a simple typographical format.

Gnome blog (gnome platform)

Gnome blog is also a gnome-based free blog editor. Gnome blog uses the WYSIWYG text editor. The interface is simple and tidy, and supports spelling check, image addition, and standalone operations. Gnome blogs can be used in blogger, MovableType, WordPress, livejournal, pyblosxom, advogato, and other blog systems that use the blogger API and metaweblog API.

Marsedit (MAC platform)

The editing interface of marsedit is similar to the mail editing interface. You can use marsedit to insert images in your own Flickr image library into logs, upload images and files for offline editing, and use applescript to add new features.

Marsedit can be used in blog systems such as WordPress, MovableType, typepad, blogger, Tumblr, Drupal, and livejournal. Marsedit is priced at $29.95, but it has a 30-day free trial.

Newz crawler (Windows platform)

Newz crawler is a good helper for users who like to repost blog logs. Newz crawler can subscribe to various news synchronously and use the WYSIWYG text editor to download podcast videos. Newz crawler can be used in metaweblogger, blogger, MovableType, and livejournal API blog systems. The price for a single newzcrawler license is USD 24.95.

Post2blog (Windows platform)

Post2blog is a free blog editor that uses the WYSIWYG text editor with a MS Word toolbar. You can directly post blog logs in word. The post2blog plug-in allows users to directly post text or images from Firefox or IE browsers. post2blog supports the use of tags and the "insert Amazon link" function to automatically upload images. It supports blogger and Wordpress, typepad and MovableType blog systems.

Qtm (cross-platform)

Qtm is an open-source blog editor based on the QT graphical user interface toolkit. It can be used in mainstream blog systems such as WordPress, MovableType, Drupal, and textpattern, except for blogger. Qtm uses the WYSIWYG text editor to support log classification and tags and multiple blog users.

Qumana (PC and Mac platforms)

Qumana uses the WYSIWYG text editor and supports keywords, Technorati tags, offline editing, image uploading, and spelling checks. Qumana also supports multi-blog registration. Qumana can be used in blog systems such as blogger, diaryland, Drupal, livejournal, WordPress, squarespace, typepad, MovableType, and MSN space.

Rocketpost 2 (Windows)

Rocketpost uses the WYSIWYG text editor, which supports image editing, blog import, Automatic Image Upload, and spelling check. Rocketpost can be used in blog systems such as blogger, WordPress, MovableType, typepad, blogharbor, MSN space, squarespace, and Drupal. Rocketpost can also be used for standalone operations.

Rocketpost has three licenses: a free license for blogger and live spaces, a single blog license for $29, and a multi-blog license for $49.

Scribefire (cross-platform)

Scribefire is a free blog editor that uses the WYSIWYG text editor to save drafts and set the log time tag. Scribefire supports mainstream blog systems such as WordPress, livejournal, Tumblr, xanga, textpattern, blogger, DRUPA, and MovableType. Scribefire further simplifies the process of posting blog logs by Firefox users.

Thingamablog (cross-platform)

Thingamablog is slightly different from other blog editors in this article. This is a free blog editor that does not require third-party blog hosting or MySQL databases. Users only need an FTP/SFTP client or can access the Web server over the Internet, and they can use thingamablog.

Basically, thingamablog itself can be regarded as a blog platform. You can register Multiple blogs on thingamablog, manage logs on the blog, post logs via email, design page templates for the blog, and set RSS or atom subscription for your blog.

Thingamablog also integrates the news reader and supports offline editing and referencing announcements. It is a special view in the blog editor.

W. bloggar (Windows)

W. bloggar supports multi-blog registration, HTML Tag menu, text layout, log preview, and local log storage. W. bloggar supports blog systems such as blogger, MovableType, blogalia, squarespace, upsaid, typepad, MSN spaces, blog-city, deardiary.net, Drupal, WordPress, PostNuke, and livejournal.

WB Editor 3 (Windows)

WB editor uses the WYSIWYG text editor to support offline editing, remote log management, log classification, topic management, plug-ins, and Image Upload. WB Editor supports mainstream blog systems such as WordPress, MovableType, MSN spaces, Drupal, and blogger.

The price of a single user license for WB editor is USD 29.99.

Zoundry Raven (Windows platform)

Zoundry Raven is an open-source blog editor that supports blog systems such as MovableType, typepad, blogger, Windows Live Spaces, WordPress, and blogger. Zoundry Raven uses the paging WYSIWYG text editor to Support Registration of Multiple blogs, WP pages and labels, and multimedia software services including Picasa and image shack.

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