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Common shortcut keys for bash and VI editors

command Ctrl + D Exit the shell, equivalent to Logout 2.VI Editor Common shortcut keysSee bird Brother's book or Internet search, shortcut keys also have a lot of, my own commonly used summarized as follows, although is summed up, but to tell the truth, but also a lot, but are very practical, the following is the way I use the drawing to summarize:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/73/56/wKio

Sublime shortcut keys commonly used in text editors

3 common shortcut keys {41.Ctrl +D Select the same word5 62.Ctrl +M cursor moves to the start or end position of the parentheses7 83.Ctrl +X cut the row where the cursor is located9 Ten4.ctrl+shift+↑ can move this line of code, with upstream interchange One A5.ctrl+shift+↓ can move this line of code, with the downstream interchange - -6. Tab Indent the -7.Shift +Tab back Indent - -8.Ctrl +G jump to corresponding (number) line + -9.Ctrl + Tab Swit

How to Set multiple tinymce editors and multiple tinymce editors on the same page

How to Set multiple tinymce editors and multiple tinymce editors on the same page How to Set multiple tinymce editors on the same page This example shows how to setup multiple editors on the same page and with different configs. It is used in multi-function text boxes. Previously, only one tinymce editor can be used o

How to add multiple different kindeditor editors and kindeditor editors to a page

How to add multiple different kindeditor editors and kindeditor editors to a page Kindeditor official Kindeditor official document: http://kindeditor.net/doc.php Kindeditor editor initialization parameter documentation: http://kindeditor.net/docs/option.html Maybe we need to use multiple text editors on a page. What should we do? After reading a lot of informatio

5 recommended HTML editors for PHP and 5 recommended phphtml editors

5 recommended HTML editors for PHP and 5 recommended phphtml editors Overview In Web development, HTML editors (Rich Text editors) are used in many places. I have also used several types of editors, such as UEditor and CkEditor. I have read several articles over the past few

The differences and pros and cons of commonly used editors, and cross-contrast editors

Now say the common editor, and we compare the differences between the editor and the pros and cons, I usually use the editor is vim, of course, there are many editors. On this blue planet, there are legends of two great artifacts: Emacs is said to be the editor of God, and Vim is the god of the editor. Emacs is an operating system disguised as an editor There is an exaggerated saying: Emacs is an operating system disguised as an editor. It is not an

Two. net editors and two. net editors

Two. net editors and two. net editors In asp.net status, there are two good Web Editor, freetextbox and fckeditor. Many articles on the Internet are described and summarized.1 freetextoxWhen installing freetexbox. dll, you can drag the control.Add in web. configNote that in vs.net 2005 + asp.net 2.0, you must set it on the page to use freetextbox.Do not miss supportfolder; otherwise, an error occurs.Also, S

N Rich Text editors/Web-based HTML editors

The web-based HTML editor, wysiwyg wyg wysiwyg wysiwy. Below are some open source web online wyswig editors. 1. FCKeditorFCKeditor, one of the most famous online editors, is quite powerful, like a web word software. It can be easily integrated with web development languages such as ASP, ASP. NET, PHP, Java, Perl, and phyton. It also supports skin and spelling checks. It can also be configured as a lightweig

15 powerful online image editors (top 15 online image editors-who needs Photoshop? )

With the release of a new release in Adobe photo express a while ago, this online image editor is becoming increasingly worth our attention. At present, many online image editors are scrambling for the job of Photoshop, some of which are relatively spam, but many of them are quite good. Here, I will list 15 commonly used online image editors, the first few of which are made using Flex, some of which are m

Post: Introduction to ten rich text editors, five jquery editors, and five others

From: http://www.queness.com/post/212/10-jquery-and-non-jquery-javascript-rich-text-editors It should be open-source and free.Introduction Javascript Rich Text Editor has your our life when we need to edit articles, post or even documents online. most of the editors allow user to edit the content straight away (what you see is what you get-WYSIWYG), it just like editting a document with Microsoft Office. no

14 text editors used during design

good code editors on the Windows 8 tablet that are convenient for Mobile use. code writer is one of them. The code writer interface is fashionable. The overall design conforms to the Metro style of Windows 8, and its functions are also very good. There are many syntax recognition and automatic error correction methods.8. droidedit pro System Platform: Android In fact, there are already many code editors on

14 Text editors for web designers

: Free Although there are a lot of code editors on the Windows platform, the code writer is one of the few good enough to experience a good Windows8 on the tablet. Code writer Interface fashion, the overall design is very much in line with the Windows 8 Metro style, and the function is very much in place, syntax recognition, automatic error correction, and so on a lot. Droidedit Pro • System Platform: Android • Price: $1.99/£1.64 Ther

A few handy subtitle editors in Linux

A few handy subtitle editors in Linux If you often watch large movies outside China, you should like the subtitle version instead of the Mandarin dubbing version. I grew up in France, and my childhood memories were filled with Disney movies. However, these movies sound strange to me because of their French dubbing. If you have the opportunity to view the original version, I think subtitles are required for most people. I am very happy to make subtitl

Several commonly used text editors in Ubuntu

the common console-based text editors have the following: Emacs Comprehensive GNU Emacs Editing environment The Nano is a text editor similar to the classic Pico, with a built-in pine mail program vim An improved VI text editor Note that not all text editors are based on the console, which means that they support terminal use. Some text editors are designed to pr

Several of the best free code editors on the Android platform

Using the right development tools, you can quickly and efficiently write and test the source code, making programming more efficient. With the rapid development of network information, mobile devices have become popular, and more and more programmers will choose to use mobile devices to view or edit source code wherever they feel comfortable. As a result, a lot of code-based programming on the Android platform came into being, and Google App Store code Editor, compiler and development environmen

IntelliJ idea Pycharm Phpstorm webstorm These editors use CTRL d as the sublime text to manipulate cursor multiple selections.

In Windows and Linux shortcut keys are Alt + J,在 Mac OS X 系统下快捷键是 Ctrl +G 。Reference https://blog.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/2014/03/working-with-multiple-selection-in-phpstorm-8-eap/The answer comes from Stockoverflow.https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23304855/how-can-i-select-next-occurrence-in-idea-editors/23305388# 23305388?newreg=7c7140a2d3134d27ba3d19ce9353a418IntelliJ idea Pycharm Phpstorm webstorm The

A group of online Rich Text editors

://madskills.com/public/xml/rss/module/trackback/">rdf:about="http://blog.joycode.com/percyboy/archive/2003/11/27/7789.aspx"dc:identifier="http://blog.joycode.com/percyboy/archive/2003/11/27/7789.aspx"dc:title="一组在线 Rich Text 编辑器"trackback:ping="http://blog.joycode.com/percyboy/services/trackbacks/7789.aspx" />--> Comment # reply: A group of online Rich Text editors I have collected a lot, but there are only a few controls. Why? Because many of them a

We recommend 12 free text editors for front-end development.

As a front-end development engineer, you have the ability to write ComplexCodeBut what you really need is your favorite, trusted text editor. You can use a simple text editor, such as Microsoft notepad. However, a helpful text editor has the syntax highlighting/highlighting function and supports multiple languages, including a powerful search and replacement function, and other functions and options make it easier for you to write code.If you are looking for an excellent, free text editor. The f

5 recommended HTML editors for PHP and 5 phphtml edit_php tutorials

5 recommended HTML editors for PHP and 5 recommended phphtml editors. 5 recommended HTML editors suitable for PHP use, 5 Overview of phphtml editors Web development, HTML editors (rich text editors) are used in many places, and I

Comparison of several online text editors (jquery text editor)

keys Support Ajax dynamic Preview Supports IE7, Safari3.1, Firefox2, Firefox3, IE6, and Opera9 + Supports html, Wiki, BBScode, and other editing formatsMarkitUpJQuery SmartMarkUPSmartMarkUP is a lightweight and powerful JavaScript library that converts Textarea controls into rich text editors. Supports HTML, CSS, XML, Wiki syntax, and BBCode, which can be configured as needed. SmartMarkU

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