3 years of programmers recent half-yearly reading summary

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missed 1314, only 1514 of the time 1510 of the writing of their own six months to read the book. Over the past six months, "vigorously" use the impression notes, summed up is not so laborious, haha.
1. In-depth understanding of Java Virtual Machines (11.2-11.14)
a very good Java lower-level book, and it is fortunate to find that there are some ideas and the same author, such as in the servlet hanging on the thread to monitor the way. Although the final class file is a bit of a muddle over, but for ClassLoader basically can be used flexibly, extrapolate.
2.CSS Design Thorough research (9.1-9.28)
do not know how many know the CSS Zen garden, there are many European and American countries in the front page Design Master of the works, in recent years there are Japanese and Korean works, but China's works because of lack of creativity is not selected. This book mainly describes the design of CSS, CSS layout of the common patterns, as well as the compatibility of different browsers, of course, because the browser is not compatible with the use of JavaScript to help. Of course, many of the works of the CSS Zen Garden are still very inspiring to see.
3.Linux Shell Script Raiders (6.15-8.4)
originally because want the system to learn the Linux commands, but still failed, because more than a few storeys high master, also need a Linux manual, but know that there are some scripting languages, such as Sed,awk. Of course, the key is to set the type of environment variables of Linux: Modify the configuration file, and then reload the way into the soul of the store inside. Of course, if you will have the history command, hey, then secretly learn how to play the Masters.
4.PHP Basic Tutorial (8.20-9.23)
php This thing, a long time ago have seen, but if not forced to have no way, I really do not learn to study. For some simple Web sites, the use of PHP development efficiency is quite high. This does not, in order to understand deeply, has done a small website, to the colleague to share the various good addresses. Learning the scripting language of PHP, combined with the previous MATLAB scripting language of the university, and what the R language, and, of course, JavaScript, is a whole new distinction between scripting and high-level languages.
5. JavaScript Advanced Programming (9.16-9.22)
as the scripting language of the front-end, JavaScript is very unfortunate by the major manufacturers of the destruction, resulting in a lot of JavaScript syntax differences, so has been struggling to get the more authoritative JavaScript textbooks, and online said is also a variety of The dog blood is also compared with various firebug tools. Of course, this book distinguishes me from two concepts, called "Object-oriented Programming" and "Object-based programming," which are the essential differences between Java and JavaScript, or the fundamental difference between a high-level language and a scripting language. High-level languages often need a sentence to write, you do not expect that you do nothing, you get a lot of things out, so the cause and consequences of human thinking is very high. and the scripting language, since the running environment will bring you a lot of objects can be used, and sometimes let you feel the arrival of no shadow to disappear.
6. Virtualization and Cloud computing (6.? -6.9)
This is IBM's theory-oriented book on virtualization and cloud computing, and for what MAP-REDUCE,JMS, distributed storage is a bit more, but a little mention of a few big pictures. But for what cloud computing these machine hardware manages to spend a lot of space, what is cooling, what backup and so on. The concept of virtual machines also uses a lot of space. There are, of course, several well-known examples: The Aws,sqs,google GFS of IBM's own Rational,websphere,amazon, the distributed storage Service DataSource, the distributed computing Framework Mapreduce,gae, Salesforce Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and more. This kind of book, feel it is necessary to read, because at least it is written by the ox, can grow insight, master the direction of the big.
7. Hacker Big exposure Sixth edition (5.20-8.4)
English Books, a lot of new words, to tell the truth really see people vomiting blood. There are many system vulnerabilities in the middle of Linux and window systems, such as various famous port numbers, what FTP port number, and TCP port number. There are also back doors for developers who detect some Linux and windows on someone else's computer. To tell the truth, this book is not easy to read, I said I have not seen the essence.
8.HTTP authoritative Guide
How to say, this book is very good, as a web development has a few years of experience, look at this book, it really makes you feel that is with the world, and not you alone in the MVC world in a disorderly tour. Starting from Web servers, to proxies, to caches, to web bots, to cookies, to HTTPS (SSL), entity encoding, internationalization ... Various, and finally found that there is some header information and body information processing. Coupled with the previous study of the Servlet interface, really is more powerful ah, haha.
9. The System Architect guides the whole course
What does the book say, I don't feel anything ... Seems to be a summary of the book, what database model, what Network Foundation, project development management and so on things, rely on this book is basically fraught, because I found that most of the content, I read through other books. Only such as multimedia knowledge, system security is relatively weak, and so I can almost test the time, take some time to add, should be no problem. The model of the test to promote learning in my here does not work, but to test to promote the summary is my good.
10, 10 times Times Learning Method (3.2-9.16)
This is a book about the habit of thinking, now the social competition is so fierce, it is not enough to solve the problem by the brain fever, it is impossible to rely on rote memorization, inventions always need, some skills, some methodology will let you unconsciously feel that you become smart, And you can also identify why others are inferior to you or others.
11. Analytic Limit Programming
The idea of XP is, in a way, one of the most inspiring of human activism. Unit testing is very important, but in my opinion, should not be limited to do coverage testing, many times as a basis for refactoring or some code of the transfer process of reference, is still very necessary. To say that extreme programming is particularly demanding for people, I do not agree, I think it is a kind of thought. Programmers can be smart, but they can also be clever at programming. Confidence is especially important for a programmer, so many of the ways that promote programmer confidence can be used as a source of extreme programming ideas. Programmer, must be proud!
12. Sales from refusal to start
feel that there are a few things to write better, such as "common psychological barriers", "not in place psychological quality." How to say, sales sometimes, a bit like the destruction of the three views of the work, you do not have their three views destroyed, it is not easy to destroy the third view of others. Of course, society, you do not affect others, you wait to be affected by others. Although it's hard to wait, it's easy to be influenced by others.

13. The Big Data Age
Countless examples, is really countless examples, mainly not from the technical big data, it is relatively metaphysical and on the big data, listed the United States a lot of big data cases, who went well, who walked the times. Some forecasts have been made, such as the possibility that big companies and small companies will do better in big data than medium-sized companies in the future. Of course, it is also cautioned that big data is a double-edged sword, as they have begun to touch the moral bottom line of humanity.
14. Milk Cola Economics
This is a very interesting best-selling book, the first to tell why the milk box is put, and the Coke bottle is round. I believe many children's shoes like ask why love this book and feel that many things in life are due to fruit. Or, if you don't like people who are too tangled, you can use them for fun. I personally think it is good to think more, otherwise the brain show can not be funny.

15. Human Parts Project Management
not yet, it's worth mentioning that this book is a comparison of programmers and other piece-work workers, emphasizing the particularity of the programmer.

16. First-line architect Practice Guide
Also haven't read, the Chinese wrote, there are many examples of state-owned enterprises and institutions.

17. Web Information Architecture
I've learned that there's another position, called the information architect, that's pretty fun, right? This is the age of information, the traditional architect has to lose his job ... A little alarmist. Haha, have not finished reading it, do not nonsense oh.

18. How to improve intelligence
It 's not a deep impression, it's some tricks.

19. Tear down the strong in the mind
The title is quite domineering, many times, it is true that people will confine themselves to a local space, to find the best solution. In fact, sometimes, really should be three steps back, perhaps there is a global optimal solution.

21. Tact Interpersonal Relationship
Zeng Shijiang A book, quite fun, recommended ~ To tell some of the people's way of thinking.

22. Steve Jobs Admin Log
about the father of the iphone management ideas, right brain manager ...

23. Villain Research
Through the ages, the villain is many, less gentleman. Villain actually also good play of Oh, understand them Bai!

24 How to praise others
The skills of the books, really very good to forget.

25 totem and Taboo
a very interesting book that helps us to understand our God-ghost customs.

26 Love is good, can't hurt
The founder of the century Jiayuan Dragon Woman wrote, a lot of stories, 100 kinds of lovers, 100 kinds of sorrow.

27. China's political history and loss
good books, good books.
31. History of the Peloponnese war

28. The Ethics sutra
Yes, the Tao can be said, very way.

29. Banned Books in Silicon Valley


3 years of programmers recent half-yearly reading summary

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