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2015 latest special edition over Dog Chopper, past the most recent version of V4.2 security Dog!

Latest special edition over Dog Chopper, past the most recent version of V4.2 safe dog!1. Support Server Security Dog V4.1.088932. Support Website Security Dog V3.3.090603. Increase the power of special command functionBaidu Network disk: Http://pan.

Naming rules and formats for Version Management in program development

Preface: Naming rules for software released on the Internet. Although you can name your own released software, you still have a lot of conversations about the rules. Article 1: Version 1 1.1 Official version Enhance: the enhanced version or

Go: Name of software version number

Http:// style editing GNU versionThe major version number. The child version number [. fix version number [.] The build version

Version number naming specification

Recently written documents have been abused ... Ah, fall. The teacher is not satisfied, but also embarrassed to criticize me directly, make oneself very ashamed ... So I decided to strengthen my writing skills. First of all, from the file management

Naming rules and formats of software project version numbers

There are three common naming formats for version control: 1. GNU version naming format:Main version number. Sub-version number [. Corrected version number [. compiled version number]Comparison: major_version_number.minor_version_number [.

[100,000 why] _ program version number

Version number is the version ID. Each operating system (or software in a broad sense) has a version number. The version number allows you to know whether the operating system is the latest version and the features and facilities it provides. Each

Naming rules and formats of software project version numbers

From:   Currently, there are three mainstream software version number management solutions: I. Naming rules and formats 1. GNU solution:Naming rules: Major version number. Subversion number [. Corrected

Git is currently the world's most advanced distributed version control system

A: What is git?Git is currently the most advanced Distributed version control system in the world.Two: What is the main difference between SVN and git?SVN is a centralized version control system, the repository is centrally placed in the central

Rain forest Wind Windows Vista ULTIMATE with SP1 Lite version Y2.1

software size:2.66Gsoftware language: Simplified ChineseSoftware Category: foreign software/operating systemOperating Environment: Win2003, WinXP, Win2000, NT, winme,winvista,win7Licensing method: free software Software Rating:Rain forest Wind

[Go] Software project version number naming rules, format introduction and Management policy

Turn from: frivolous Note: The version number of various software often make the user foggy, do not know the software developers in the end if you define your own version of the software, so, It is

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