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If you have just purchased a new computer and just installed a new Windows operating system, please do not worry about installing the software! Why choose expensive and bloated commercial software? Let me introduce you to some popular software that can meet your daily work needs! Not only are these software free of charge, but each part of them is openSource code, Which means that each of themCodeThey have been inspected by thousands of people: There is no virus or spyware to hide it!

The 30 open-source software that can run on Windows platforms will be introduced below, all of which are the essence! They are not only free, but almost all of them can be used immediately for the commercial software you are using.

1. Firefox)
Replace Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser!

If you are still using Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser and haven't switched to Firefox, the most popular open-source web browser, download one now! Firefox is easy to use and extremely fast. It can block all kinds of annoying pop-up advertisement information and is naturally immune to various rogue software (this is especially important to Chinese computer users ). Firefox also has hundreds of powerful additional software for you to use to create a better Web surfing experience!

When talking about Firefox, I can talk about its benefits all day long. However, one thing is certain: after every user buys a new computer or completely reinstalls his/her Windows operating system, the first thing it should do is to start Microsoft's Internet Explorer, download the latest firefox version, and always say goodbye to its IE browser!

2. Thunderbird emailProgram(Thunderbird)
Replace Microsoft's outlook or Eudora!

Thunderbird is an excellent open-source email client, because it has five advantages: it is completely free; it has comprehensive functions; it is a lightweight software that runs very quickly; it has an unparalleled spam filter; and, it can also clearly and automatically mark which emails will direct you to a fake fraudulent website to protect you from rampant phishing attacks. If you do not plan to use online email services such as Gmail and want to use a localized email processing program, Thunderbird will be your best choice.

3. sunbird)
Replace Microsoft Outlook's Calendar function!

This is also the development source code product developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Sunbird is a calendar program developed by the Mozilla Foundation. sunbird is on the list, making the Mozilla Foundation three yuan in the selection. Sunbird is easy to use and quick to get started (whether you want to do a job or use a function, you can get it done within one or two minutes ). By using sunbird, you can easily share your schedules and plans with others. For every business who uses laptops, I think calendar tools are essential, and sunbird can completely replace Microsoft's expensive outlook, you will hardly feel any difference when using it.

4. abiword
Replace Microsoft's word!

I need a powerful text processing program, but I think Microsoft's word software is too expensive? Abiword is the best choice to replace Microsoft's word software. It is a lightweight software (which indicates that abiword runs very fast), and it can provide every function that you often use in word. In addition, abiword can save the edited document as a universal compatible format to facilitate your communication and sharing with other users who use Word or WordPerfect. More importantly, abiword can also perfectly open documents in word or WordPerfect format.

5. OpenOffice
Replace Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint software!

If you want to replace the rest of the Microsoft Office suite, the best choice is OpenOffice. OpenOffice is an open-source office package. Its predecessor is StarOffice commercial office software developed by Sun, which has powerful functions. Like Microsoft Office, OpenOffice is composed of several components with different functions. Among them, it provides excellent replacement components for Excel and PowerPoint (and the performance of alternative products for access and other office components is still acceptable ). In fact, I prefer the alternative solution provided by OpenOffice compared with the real Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint software.

6. ClamWin
Replace Norton or McAfee's personal anti-virus software!

ClamWin is a very clever anti-virus software, which is easy to install and use. In addition, you can say with no modesty that it can make your system "free from viruses "! All functions required by common users can be found in ClamWin's single installation package. With such excellent and free anti-virus software, why do you have to pay commercial anti-virus companies and keep them disturbing you?

7. Gaim
Replaces QQ, MSN Messenger, aim, and other online chat software.

GAIM is a refreshing, concise, and stable web chat software. It allows users to log on to and use QQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo and aim among other popular chat software on the Internet at the same time on a program interface by installing plug-ins. Now, you no longer need to be exhausted in various chat software!

8. BitTorrent
Originality, but it is essential!

As it was written on its official website: "BitTorrent is a new digital content distribution platform based on P2P technology. BitTorrent provides the fastest and most effective means to spread, explore, and consume large, high-quality digital content on the Internet. Our mission is very simple: to spread all entertainment and information in the digital world! "

In other words, BitTorrent allows you to quickly download large multimedia files and use your own bandwidth to help others download these files. Through BitTorrent, you can quickly search for what you want to know or download multimedia files.

9. gimpshop
Replacing Adobe Photoshop

Gimpshop is a very good GNU Image Processing Program. Its developers have made great efforts to imitate or surpass Adobe Photoshop in every aspect-any user who frequently uses Adobe Photoshop (like me ), you can quickly master the use of gimpshop. Gimpshop provides rich and powerful image processing functions and runs very stably and quickly. In fact, after trying gimpshop, I cannot find any reason to go back to the original Adobe Photoshop, even one day Adobe Photoshop is completely free.

10. Gnucleus
Replaces clients of global Gnutella file sharing networks such as LimeWire and BearShare.

Gnutella is a world-renowned P2P Personal File Sharing Network. Users can install the Gnutella client to conveniently search for and download resources shared by others on their computers across the world. Although there are other well-known Gnutella clients such as LimeWire and BearShare on the network, they contain spyware or advertisement software, which often causes damage to users. Now, with the open-source Gnucleus, you can safely use the Gnutella network and no longer worry about hacking!

11. VLC Media Player
Replace Microsoft's Windows Media Player, Apple's QuickTime, RealPlayer, and other multimedia players!

If you are tired of installing multimedia playing software on your computer, use VLC Media Player! It can play almost any format of multimedia files, so you do not have to switch back and forth between various software.

12. Juice
Unique, so important!

Juice allows you to subscribe, organize, and listen to "Internet broadcast (podcasts)" anytime and anywhere when you are free )". Juice can also be used together with Apple's iPod player. I found that using Juice to organize online broadcast programs on my iPod is even more convenient than using Apple's own iTunes.

13. audacity
Unique, so important! (For some people)

If you want to make your own Internet broadcast program (or for whatever reason, you want to record your voice), audacity and a microphone are all the devices you need to complete the job. I am not a fashionable Internet "podcast" (that is, I don't have my own Internet broadcast program), but once I want to record my audio files for other reasons, I will prefer audacity.

14. rssowl
Unique, so important!
[Img] http://publish.it168.com/2006/1213/images/229842.jpg?#/img]
Rssowl is one of the many open-source RSS reading software. In short, the RSS reading software allows you to track content updates and changes on many different blogs in real time. If you need to read a large number of different types of blogs, RSS reading software is the only method that allows you to learn about their changes in a timely manner without having to jump from one website to another within several hours. If you are using a laptop, you may need to use RSS feeds such as Bloglines. But if you are using a desktop computer, RSS reading software like rssowl will be a better choice for you.

15. filezilla
Replace FTP software such as winftp!

Many users have used the FTP function to transfer files to other computers. If you need to transfer files in this way, filezilla can help you do this intelligently and quickly.

16. Keynote
Unique, so important!

Keynote is basically designed to help you easily record notes on your laptop. If you have had such an experience, when you attended a meeting or speech, your notebook was opened and placed in front of you, and you just wanted to write down a few points, just a little organized. Keynote is the software tailored for you. Although its functions are not comparable to dedicated text processing programs, this is not the focus. Keynote is simple and fast, and you will find that the chance to use keynote at work is far greater than that of other programs.

17. musikcube
Replace Apple's iTunes!

If you are not ready to download music from Apple's "iTunes Music Store", musikcube may be the best choice for music players. It intelligently sorts all your MP3 music files, making searching for music files very simple and fast. It also allows you to create a very cool music playlist.

18. Handbrake
Unique, so important!

Handbrake can quickly capture a video from your DVD and store it on your computer hard disk in a format that can be recognized by multiple playback software. What are you waiting?

19. X-chat 2
Replace mIRC!

X-chat is a free IRC client. What? What does IRC do? IRC is a place for tech-savvy people (geek) to gather and discuss technical issues in an open environment. When you encounter any technical difficulties, you will find the role of IRC!

20. keepass
Unique, so important!

Keepass is a dedicated password storage software that helps us securely store and manage various passwords used in daily life. As a technician, I have hundreds of different user names and passwords scattered in various places. Keepass can help me save them and ensure their security!

21. truecrypt
Unique, so important!

Truecrypt allows you to convert a general USB flash disk into a high-strength encrypted data storage device. This means that you can store your private data on this USB flash drive without worrying about losing it, leaking your private information, or other such troublesome things. I use truecrypt to store the most private personal data on my laptop, so that it is protected in the highest degree, just in case.

22. Repeated creator
Replace Adobe Acrobat!

Pdfcreator will install a virtual printer on your computer, so that when you print a document from any program to this virtual printer, you will create a PDF file of this document, so that other people can use Acrobat Reader on any computer to open this PDF document. After the volume creator is installed, all you need to do is print the document as usual and you will get a PDF file.

23. freemind
Unique, so important!

Freemind is a "mind mapping" program. It can help you or your team gather various ideas and opinions during brainstorming or planning discussions, and clearly and quickly mark the connections between ideas, just like creating a "map" of a plan or concept on a traditional whiteboard. When you are working with colleagues to create new small projects, allocate jobs, and discuss issues, you will find freemind greatly improves your work efficiency.

24. NASA WorldWind
Replace Google Earth!

WorldWind and Google Earth are very similar, they allow you to browse the world's scenery. Although it is not better than building a map (why not use Google maps if you want to view and build a map ?), However, if you want to view 3D landscapes anywhere in the world, NASA WorldWind will surely surprise you!

25. notepad2
Replace the laptop program that comes with windows!

Notepad2 can completely replace the traditional Windows Notepad program, and it provides some extra small features: enable multiple documents at the same time;ArticleThe number of rows, number of words, and number of characters. Some keywords are highlighted.

26. healthmonitor
Unique and useful!

Healthmonitor allows you to monitor your computer's "Health Status" at all times ". It can quickly detect sudden drops in running speed or other system problems, and remind you (for example, when your system memory usage reaches a certain percentage, or, if you have only 10 Gb of available space on your hard disk, a warning will pop up ). In this way, healthmonitor can keep your computer away from troubles and faults as much as possible, and provide appropriate clues when a problem occurs, to indicate possible problems with your computer.

27. workrave
Unique and useful!

Sometimes, after a long period of writing, my wrist would suffer severe pain due to excessive repetitive movements. Workrave is basically able to initiate intervention in a timely manner before this happens, force the computer to lock for a period of time, in order to prevent repetitive stress damage to my wrist due to work too long. Since I started using workrave, it has greatly damaged my production efficiency, but I am very grateful to him for his wrist.

28. ganttpv
Replace Microsoft's Project software!

If you want to manage any project plans (or try such a job), ganttpv can help you complete this task quickly, easily, freely, and brilliantly. If you need to migrate to the Microsoft Project later, you can also easily import the original work from ganttpv into the Microsoft Project. However, once you start to seriously explore the potential of ganttpv, you may find that you have no reason to migrate to the Microsoft Project.

29. gnucash
Replace Microsoft financial management software such as money or Quicken!

Gnucash is a lite version of Microsoft financial management software such as Microsoft Money and quicken, but it provides all the functions required by ordinary users for financial management. The gnucash user interface is incredibly concise-it looks more like a checkbook account running on your computer-but when you look into it, you will find that gnucash is under its concise user interface, hidden many powerful functions.

30. Real combat: Excellent troops (true combat: Elite)
Replace battle games such as quake IV and halo!

After you have spent so much time and energy downloading the above software, you may be a little panic and need to take a break. I have not found any free computer games that are more interesting than "True combat: Elite. Basically, true combat: elite is a third-person visual combat game, but its visual effects are spectacular and the game design is fascinating.

If you download and install all the above software, you should be able to cope with all your daily work needs. In addition, every software you use is clean, secure, and open. The best thing is that they are still free.

(Original Author: Mary Hayes weier, source: informationweek, cited in: it168)

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