open source live chat software for website

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Open-source P2P live video conferencing

An open-source P2P on-demand live broadcast project: P2PCenter recently followed the company's project. I have also studied a lot of things, especially in P2P, and have been extensively involved in various open-source projects, especially for

Open Source Video Conferencing collection

An on-demand live streaming Open source project: P2pcenter (I turned around and found that I couldn't open it ...) )---------------------Using the platform:Client: Windows PlatformServers: Windows & LinuxFrame legend:Project Introduction:The Open

Android's Open source phone/Communication/im Chat project complete

One, the Android XMPP client BeemBeem is an XMPP (jabber) client software that runs on the Android mobile platform and is compatible with standard XMPP servers and services such as Ejabberd, OpenFire, Facebook, and Gmail. Supports SASL, proxies

C # list of open-source projects (including domestic and foreign projects)

Debug the program in SharpDevelopSharpDevelop is an open source C # integrated development environment that can be used in Group_id = 17610 & package_id = 117376 download to source code and binary

How to add QQ Chat tool to the website

I set up a website , I would like to interact with some visitors, but no chance. In fact, we can through some chat software to achieve, such as we are familiar with QQ and Yahoo Messenger can be, below we will introduce how to achieve.  Add QQ to

http-flv Live Module (nginx-http-flv-module) based on Nginx-rtmp-module module implementation

The following content of this article will be updated here: "http-flv Live Module (nginx-http-flv-module) based on Nginx-rtmp-module module" continued. Note: Many of the configurations below are no longer available because the implementation is

Live chat, Springmvc,mybatis,web, chat in time

650) this.width=650; "height=" 489 "style=" Margin:0px;width:659px;height:431px;float:none; "src="/HTTP/ "alt=" "/>A Code

What open source software is used inside Github's system?

Sometimes the best way to deal with scale problems is to make things simple and try to avoid them as much as you can. This is the method that GitHub uses, Linus Torvalds (Linus Torvalds) developed the GIT Source Control tool ten years ago, GitHub

[Go] Build a live Web app using HTML5 WebSocket

HTML5 WebSocket Introduction and practical WalkthroughThis article mainly introduces the principle of HTML5 WebSocket and its revolutionary innovation to real-time WEB development, and demonstrates the powerful and easy-to-use of WebSocket through a

Use Red5 and OBS to create your own live platform to challenge Bilibili (b station)

Using Red5 and OBS to develop their own live platform to challenge Bilibili (b station), why the article title called This, in fact, I study red5 and FMS aspect of things is a long time, plus I recently with the help of Flex, to develop a medical

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