add live chat to website open source

Want to know add live chat to website open source? we have a huge selection of add live chat to website open source information on

How to add QQ Chat tool to the website

I set up a website , I would like to interact with some visitors, but no chance. In fact, we can through some chat software to achieve, such as we are familiar with QQ and Yahoo Messenger can be, below we will introduce how to achieve.  Add QQ to

http-flv Live Module (nginx-http-flv-module) based on Nginx-rtmp-module module implementation

The following content of this article will be updated here: "http-flv Live Module (nginx-http-flv-module) based on Nginx-rtmp-module module" continued. Note: Many of the configurations below are no longer available because the implementation is

The ASP. SignalR and LayIM2.0 make it easy to implement the chatserver of the web chat room (ii), connect to the server, and note the considerations.

Previous: ASP. NET SignalR with LayIM2.0 Easy implementation of the web chat room (a) of the grassroots data building, let the data Live (data acquisition)We have completed the initial interface of the construction work, this article will introduce

Live chat, Springmvc,mybatis,web, chat in time

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Source code to provide! Android Instant Messaging and SNS Open source project summary

Blog Original address: Android Instant Messaging and SNS Open source project summaryThis is a document that organizes instant messaging (IM) and social system (SNS) excellent open source projects, project uploads GitHub Welcome to submit

iOS Configure XMPP Live chat-server side

First, installationDownload MySQL installable DMG version to MySQL official online example:Mac OS X ver. 10.7 (x86, 64-bit), DMG ArchiveThe downloaded files are: mysql-5.6.10-osx10.7-x86_64.dmg1. Click,

Use Red5 and OBS to create your own live platform to challenge Bilibili (b station)

Using Red5 and OBS to develop their own live platform to challenge Bilibili (b station), why the article title called This, in fact, I study red5 and FMS aspect of things is a long time, plus I recently with the help of Flex, to develop a medical

[Go] Build a live Web app using HTML5 WebSocket

HTML5 WebSocket Introduction and practical WalkthroughThis article mainly introduces the principle of HTML5 WebSocket and its revolutionary innovation to real-time WEB development, and demonstrates the powerful and easy-to-use of WebSocket through a

Network promotion of One Hundred Technology tickets

1. SNS website soft-text Promotion Method: SNS websites are very popular nowadays. To go to SNS websites, we mainly go to several popular SNS websites to add hundreds of thousands of users. Then select the appropriate soft text and reasonably attach

C # ASP. NET MVC SignalR learning real-time data push display with Echarts push live chart

This article is mainly in my beginning to learn the technical summary of SignalR , online looking for learning methods and examples are mostly just translated an example of the official, and did not give some other examples of classic cases, so this

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