30 years old, quit the job of 200,000 annual salary, start a business, current monthly salary 2k

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thisperiod of the protagonist,born in a rural ordinary family, hears parents in the 90 's to seize the opportunity to open the reform-leather, contracted the hill to cultivate, improve the life of the family. He still remembers Dad said, as long as you work hard, dare to seize the opportunity, you will have a different life. So he has been looking for an opportunity to change his own destiny.

Gaofu in the program ape
Feng is absolutely the generalship of the program Ape, has eloquence, has the technique, has the grace. From a young age, a hint of ingenuity, again honoured pride, achievement of his pursuit of perfect character. Sophomore in the campus software competition to lead the team to defeat the Computer Academy, the first, the programming years began.
2004years of graduation, Feng came to full of passion, entrepreneurial opportunities in Guangzhou, gold the world.
The first job was software development, when using. net2003, a BS web system. The company is to do e-government projects, government information is ushering in a big development, with the help of Internet web-based wave, Feng career path, from interns to small staff, did project assistant, demand analysis, project manager to the department manager, eight years, the blink of an arm. -As mobile apps sprang up, Feng also couldn't wait to get in touch with fresh technology and move to a mobile internet company responsible for product and project management. Then the overwhelming concept and the everywhere gold put people completely lost. At that time, the industry heard the most is the entrepreneur to get the wind cast a _ overnight rich.
Head-on, start with Appcan .
30. "It is our honor to be born in this great age. I ask myself, do I do this project for a lifetime? "And I have the same idea of the good Brothers for many years, the most should thank Appcan, give us the confidence of technology, took the first step."
In Andriod, iOS start-up phase, Feng began to focus on mobile technology, from the implementation of projects and build products, the high cost of native development and non-unification, so that Feng in search of alternative forms. A friend introduced PhoneGap, after careful study and made a number of prototypes, PhoneGap at the time of slow response, poor interface UI and hardware plug-in less of the mishap highlighted. and domestic almost no similar products, in Feng disheartened, saw the Appcan and PhoneGap Comparative article, understand Appcan for mobile applications in hybrid mode of the mishap solution, is useful.

"I print out all of the Appcan's interface documents and use all the time to learn and prototype quickly on the commuter subway, in the gap between lunch breaks and at night. With a few years of technical experience, I quickly smell the business opportunities, this technology enough mature enough to support the real project, not like PhoneGap can only play the demo. "Feng recalls.
At the right time, low-cost technology in place, partners in place, product direction in place, although a little less-there is no actual project in hand. But not all the conditions are OK to start a business.
-at the end of the year, Feng quit his job with a salary of more than 200,000, and began to start a business crazily. "Is it for money, I have been very rational, make money to get rich, of course, is good." In fact, the probability of those internet startups getting rich in news reportsIt's better to buy more color ball. People live a lifetime, youth in the blink of an over, I want to pass-Ming point What, also deserves biomass in this era. I have also done enough to ensure that the family's standard of living is not affected by entrepreneurship, my bottom line is3years,3If you don't succeed, look for a job. Feng calmly explained.
entrepreneurial path is very tortuous, the initial entrepreneurial team is4Personal: A boss, the control of the overall, good at sales; a technology, an implementationWebEnd, Feng is responsible for product balance mobile phone side. Compared with the average small team, Feng's entrepreneurial team, which is high-spec, has5years working experience, able to independently, director level above the talent. products are easy platformhttp://www.360ease.com/ , including the rapid elimination of the main FMCG industry the, flagshipCRMof Customers the, main car4sSales of Steam pins the. The product itself is open, the customer only need to register the account, can be free trial. The product has the leasing mode, can according to the person monthly charge, the operation is convenient, flexible and practical.

The market for this kind of product already has, "we not only optimized the product experience, but also joined the social attributes, and business together." The market will never be saturated, the elimination of the market is not able to keep up with the pace of products.
after the product came out, soon Feng they got the first customer. "At that time was at the exhibition, we sent a lot of cards, finally have a customer interest, directly spent 3000 yuan bought 1 years of 10 license services, now about 8 users, the last few days I see the good. ""Now, the hardest thing to do is sell, but the premise is that you have to have a product or prototype, and the Appcan platform gives us a platform to quickly build a product, and it has been growing and progressing, at the technical level really low-cost support enterprise-class applications, this is our courage to try to venture a confidence, It is also the blessing of many entrepreneurs. "Feng," the analyst said.

"Go with Appcan."2012: Appcan 1.0, Product demo born, ready to start a business. 2013: Appcan 2.0, based on the AppCan2.0 construction of the easy platform, after 3 months of grinding, in July at the exhibition received the first single 3000 contract business. 2014: Appcan 3.0, the project slowly up, on the road ahead, the team ushered in a new staff, team operations on the right track.
for the future, Feng is also very calm, "do not have big vision, draw big cake." Step by step, solid walk down, will have their own piece of heaven and earth. The support of the family is crucial, thanks to the Good Wife. Entrepreneurship is not easy, and the line and cherish. "

Easy Platform products--interface diagram:

30 years old, quit the job of 200,000 annual salary, start a business, current monthly salary 2k

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