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1. The power of habit: develop good habits before the age of 35
Do you want to succeed? Then develop good habits that will help you succeed early.
The power of habit is astonishing, and the habit of forming before the age of 35 determines whether you succeed or not.
have such a fable story:
After the death of a wealthy man who had no heir, he donated a large fortune to a distant relative, a relative who had been begging for a living. The beggar who received the inheritance immediately became a millionaire. The journalist came to interview the Lucky beggar: "After you inherit the inheritance, what is the first thing you want to do?" The beggar replied, "I want to buy a good bowl and a strong stick so that I will be more convenient when I go out to beg." "
We can see that habits have a great impact on us, because it is consistent, unconsciously, the influence of our behavior over the years, affecting our efficiency, our success or failure.
Only about 5% of a person's behavior in a day is not habitual, and the remaining 95% of the behavior is habitual. Even the unconventional innovations can eventually evolve into habitual innovation.
According to behavioral psychology research results: More than 3 weeks of repetition will form a habit, more than 3 months of repetition will form a stable habit, that is, the same action, repeat 3 weeks will become habitual action, forming a stable habit.
Aristotle said: "People's behavior is always repeated." Therefore, excellence is not a single act, but a habit. "" People's behavior is always repeated. Therefore, excellence is not a single act, but a habit. "Therefore, in the process of achieving success, in addition to constantly stimulate their own desire to succeed, there must be confidence, enthusiasm, will, perseverance, etc., should also catch the habit of this successful express, to achieve their goals."
A zoologist did an experiment: he put a herd of fleas in a large number of cups, covered with transparent glass. Flea habits love to jump, so many fleas have crashed into the lid of the glass, constantly biting the sound of winter and winter. After a while, the zoologist took away the glass and found that all the fleas were still jumping, but had kept the jump altitude close to the glass to avoid hitting the head. As a result, no flea can jump out--depending on their ability not to jump out, but they have adapted to the environment.
Later, the zoologist lowered an alcoholic lamp in the measuring cup and ignited the fire. Less than five minutes, the measuring cup is hot, all the fleas naturally play the instinct of survival, each flea no longer regardless of whether the head will hurt (because they think there is a glass), all out of the measuring cup outside. The experiment proved that fleas would rather reduce their ability and close their potential to adapt to the environment than to change their habits.
I think the same is true of human beings in the environment. In adapting to the outside world, man creates a small environment suitable for himself, and then uses his habits to trap himself in the environment he creates. Therefore, the habit determines the size of your activity space, also determines your success or failure. Forming good habits is very important to your success.
Psychology master William James said: "Sow an action, harvest a habit, sow a habit, reap a character, sow a character, reap a destiny." "
2.35 years old before the success of the necessary 9 habits
Good habits can make success come to nothing. I think the following 9 good habits are essential to success:
(1) Good habits of positive thinking
A scholar the third time in Beijing exam, live in a often live shop. He had three dreams two days before the exam: The first dream is to dream of their own in the wall of the planting of cabbage, the second dream is raining, he wore a hat still playing umbrella, the third dream is to dream with his beloved cousin naked clothes lying together, but backed by the back. The occasion of the test to do this dream, seems to have some profound meaning, scholar the next day to find fortune-telling solution dream. The fortune teller listens, burst the thigh to say: "You still go home." Do you think that gardening on a high wall is not a bother? Isn't it superfluous to wear rain hat and umbrella? With her cousin naked, lying in a bed, but back-to-back, is not a no? The scholar listens, dispirited and discouraged, returns to the shop to pack the parcel to go home. The shop owner is very strange, ask: "Not tomorrow to test?" Why did you go home today? "Scholar Such said a few, the shop owner is happy:" Alas, I also can solve the dream. I'm sure you'll be able to do the exams this time. Do you think the vegetables on the wall are not high? Wearing an umbrella is not double insurance? It's not like you're going to be there when you turn your back on the bed with your cousin naked. "Scholar a listen, more reasonable, so the spirit excited to participate in the examination, incredibly in a tan Hua."
It can be seen that the things themselves do not affect people, people only by their views on the impact of things, people must change the passive thinking habits and develop positive thinking habits.
How do you form a habit of positive thinking? When you are in the process of accomplishing your goals, in the face of specific work and tasks, your brain removed "impossible" three words, and instead of "How can I", you can say that you have developed a habit of positive thinking.
(2) Good habits of efficient work
A person's desire for success is again strong, and it will be torn apart by habits that are not conducive to success, and dissolve into mediocre everyday life. Therefore, the thought determines the behavior, the behavior forms the habit, the habit decides the character, the disposition decides the destiny. If you want to succeed, you must develop efficient work habits.
To determine whether your work habits are efficient or not conducive to success, I think we can use this standard to test: that in the inspection of the province's own work, you are worried about the unfinished work, that is, anxiety. If you should do something without doing it, or do it without doing it, and often feel anxious about it, it proves that you need to change your work habits and find and develop an efficient work habit.
efficient work starts at the office:
1 to understand your energetic period every day. People are usually the most productive at around 9 o'clock in the morning and can put the most difficult work to completion.
2 focus on one or two hours a day to handle the urgent work at hand, do not answer the phone, not meeting, undisturbed. This will be easier.
3 immediately reply to the important mail, will not be important to discard. It would be more time-consuming to let them accumulate in piles.
4. Make a list of tasks, and put all the projects and conventions in the efficiency manual. Be sure to bring an efficiency manual with you to help you follow the plan. Only about 5% of a person's behavior in a day is not habitual, and the remaining 95% of the behavior is habitual.
5 Learn to use your spare time efficiently, to read something or to conceive a document, not to be in a daze or daydreaming.
6 Reduce the time to call back. If you need to pass only a message, you may wish to send a mobile phone message.
7 to be able to call the phone to be aware of, so that you receive the desired phone after you can quickly find all the necessary materials, do not have to look at the mess.
8 to learn the ability to search the Internet efficiently to save time on the Internet. Collect the websites you often visit to find them anytime.
9. Simplify the business travel arrangement with the Internet. Most hotels and routes can be queried and booked online.
10. The allocation of work can be delegated as long as circumstances permit. Hands-on can make you tired, and can never finish. Ask a colleague to help, or let the assistant work harder to put in.
11 Make a flexible schedule, you can be busy when you need to take a moment. For example, work overtime at noon, then leave the office one hour early for a workout or 10 hours a day, and then use Friday to date and see a doctor.
12 List the next day's work before leaving the office, so that the next morning will be able to do its best.
Planning habits equals success in planning.
Make plans for everything. There was an American named John Goddard, who, when he was 15 years old, made a list of things he wanted to do in his life, and was called the "Life list." In this orderly list, he gives himself 127 specific goals to conquer. For example, explore the Nile, climb Himalaya Mountain, read Shakespeare's works, write a book, etc. 44 years later, with superhuman perseverance and extraordinary courage, he finally managed to achieve 106 goals, step-by-step, as a film producer, writer and orator, as planned, in the hard struggle against fate.
There is an old saying in China: "Eat not poor, drink not poor, no plan on poverty." "As far as possible according to their own goals, planning to do things, so as to improve efficiency, fast to achieve the goal."
(3) Develop a good habit of physical exercise
Enhancing awareness of health care
Planning habits equals success in planning. If you want to achieve a career, you must have a healthy body, to be healthy, first of all need to have health awareness.
I know a college teacher who is always in good health. Earlier, we used to play together. Referring to the physical condition of each individual, he said that the kidney occasionally felt a slight discomfort. We tried to persuade him to go to the hospital to have a check-up, but he thought he was fit and healthy. Until later he felt more pain, his lover forced him to check. The diagnosis was advanced renal carcinoma. Although the surgery chemotherapy and other treatment measures, but eventually failed to save life, died only 39 years old. Before, he had because of school housing, evaluation of the title, mood has been depressed, his illness and mood, but if he is strong awareness of health care, early to check, completely can be prevented, the elimination of the disease. Poor health consciousness, let him pay the cost of life.
How to implement the consciousness of health care? One is to have the first life, health first consciousness, with this awareness, you will be kind to their own body, their own psychology, and will not arbitrarily spoil their body. Second, we should pay attention to grasp some relevant knowledge. Three is to make oneself have a body to the strain mechanism: regular go to the hospital to do physical examination, the body feels unwell place, should go to the hospital to check early, if conditional, can ask a health care doctor, give own health to advise.
▲ exercise in a planned manner
The importance of exercise is more and more accepted by people, but I feel that many people only stay in the conscious stage of attention and lack the corresponding action. I think that the exercise should be targeted at the specific work posture can be caused by the corresponding diseases, in order to prevent and treat the corresponding disease, but also to exercise as a fun, develop the habit of exercise.
Because work needs, I often deal with customers, and because of dealing with unexpected things around, this to a certain extent played a role in physical exercise, at the same time, I also adhere to swim once a week to two times to ensure that there is enough energy to work, to enjoy life.
Physical exercise, like striving for success, you insist.
In addition to the above two points, pay attention to dietary structure, reasonable diet, as well as the attention to the formation of good hygiene habits, are part of the formation of healthy habits.
In short, health is a "revolution" of the capital, is the guarantee of success. Health achievements themselves.
(4) The good habit of continuous learning "all low-grade, only high reading" era has passed, but to form a good habit of reading is never outdated.
Harry Truman is a famous president in American history. He had not read the university, had run a farm, and later ran a draper, experienced many failures, and when he finally held office, it was over five years. But he has a good habit of reading constantly. Years of reading, so that Truman's knowledge is very profound. He read the Encyclopedia of Britannia and all the novels of Charles Dickens and Victor Hugo on a roll. In addition, he has read all of William Shakespeare's plays and 14 lines of poetry.
Truman's extensive reading and the wealth of knowledge that led him to lead America through the end of the Second World War and to bring the country into post-war prosperity soon. He knows that reading is the foundation of a first-rate leader. Reading also enables him to make the right decision quickly in the face of a variety of contentious and thorny issues. In the 1950s, for example, he resisted the pressure to dismiss the beloved war hero, General Douglas MacArthur.
His creed is: "Not all the scholars are a leader, but every leader must be a scholar." "
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said: "A small piece of land in the 19th century is the cost of a start, and 21st century, the most expected gift, no longer land, and the federal government scholarship." Because they know that mastering knowledge is to master a key to open the door to the future. "
Every successful person is one who has a good habit of reading. The CEOs of the world's 500 big companies have to read about 30 magazines or book information at least once a week, one months to read more than 100 magazines, and more than 1000 for a year.
The CEOs of the world's 500 big companies have to read about 30 magazines or book information at least once a week, one months to read more than 100 magazines, and more than 1000 for a year. If you read 15 minutes a day, you might be able to finish a book within one months. You've read at least 12 books in a year, and 10 years later, you'll read a total of 120 books! Think about it, just take 15 minutes a day and you can easily read 120 books that will help you become richer in every aspect of your life. If you spend twice a day, that is, half an hour, you can read 25 books a year--10 250!
I think every person who wants to be successful before the age of 35 should read at least one book and two magazines a month.
(5) A good habit of modesty
A MAN has no reason not to be humble. In terms of human knowledge, any blogger can only fail.
The famous scientist Faraday in his later years, the state prepared to give him a title in recognition of his outstanding physical and chemical contributions, but he was refused. After Faraday retires, he still often goes to the laboratory to do some chores. One day, a young man came to the lab to do the experiment. He said to the sweeping sweeper: "Do this job, they give you a lot of money?" The old man smiled and said: "A little more, I also need it." "What's your name?" Old man? "Michael Faraday." The old man replied lightly. The young man exclaimed: "Oh, my gosh!" You are the great Mr. Faraday! "No," said Faraday, "I am the ordinary Faraday." "
Modesty is not only a virtue, but also a kind of wisdom in life, a stratagem to protect oneself by belittling oneself.
(6) A good habit of self-control
Any successful person has a remarkable self-control.
Three Kingdoms Period, Shu phase Zhuge Liang personally led the army of the Northern Expedition Wei, Wei General Sima Yi took a closed city truce, ignored the attitude against Zhuge Liang. He believed that the Shu army came all the time, the back-up supply must be insufficient, as long as the delay, consumption of the strength of Shu Army, will be able to seize the opportunity to overcome the enemy.
Zhuge Liang know Sima Yi silence tactics, several troops to the city under Shimea, trying to provoke Wei Bing, lure Sima Yi out of the city, but Sima Yi always sit. Zhuge Liang then with dared, sent to Sima Yi sent a woman clothes, and edits a letter said: "Zhong Tatsu dare not fight, and women have what two." If you are a man with a sense of shame, you will come out to battle with the Shu Army, if not, you will wear this woman's clothes. "A scholar may not be disgraced." "This insulting contempt of the letter, although angered by Sima Yi, but did not make the wily Sima Yi change his mind, he forced the anger to stabilize the morale, patiently waiting."
Stalemate for several months, Zhuge Liang unfortunate died in the army, Shu Army decapitated, quietly retreat, Sima Yi not fight and win.
The person who cannot restrain the emotion, often wounding and injuring oneself if Sima Yi cannot endure a momentary gas, out of the city, then perhaps history will rewrite.
In modern society, people are facing more and more temptation, if people lack self-control, then will be tempted to lead the nose, deviated from the track of success.
(7) A good habit of humor
Some people say that men need humor, just as important as a woman needs a beautiful face.
Men need humor, just as important as a woman needing a beautiful face. Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, looks ugly, but he never taboo this, on the contrary, he often humorously take his own appearance jokes. When running for president, his opponents attacked him for two-faced and intrigue. "Let the public judge," Lincoln said, pointing to his face. If I had another face, would I use this one now? "On another occasion, a senator who objected to Lincoln went to Lincoln and asked sarcastically," Have you heard that the President is a successful self-designer? "Yes, sir." Lincoln nodded and said, "but I don't understand how a successful designer would have designed himself this way." "Lincoln is such a humorous method, many times successfully resolved the possibility of embarrassing and embarrassing scenes."
A man without humor is not necessarily bad, but a man who knows humour must be a good man, and a woman who knows humour is a rare animal.
(8) The good habit of smiling
The smile is magnanimous, calmly performance, is also the pass of intercourse.
The world-famous Hilton Hotel, the founder of the Hilton at the beginning of entrepreneurship, after years of exploration, and finally found a simple, easy to do, do not cost the operating secret-smile. From then on, he asked all the staff: no matter what difficulties the hotel itself encountered, the Hilton Hotel waiter's smile is always the customer's sunshine. The "Sunshine" eventually made the Hilton Hotel a worldwide acclaim.
In the developed countries in Europe and the United States, people meet to nod a smile, so that people feel very warm to each other. In China, if you smile at a lady on the street, you may be said to be "sick." Learn from Westerners, let's give each other a smile.
Since ancient times, professionalism is one of the most important qualities of all successful people.
(9) The good habit of devotion and work
Devotion is the basic requirement for the person who is eager to succeed, and it is difficult for a person who does not work hard to make achievements in the job he is engaged in.
American Standard Oil Company has a small staff called Akibert, the beginning did not arouse people's special attention. His professionalism is particularly strong, the attention to maintain and promote the reputation of the enterprise. On a long journey to stay in a hotel, I always remember to write the words "Standard Oil per barrel four" under your signature, when you write to friends and relatives, even when you sign a receipt, you will never forget to write those words. To this end, colleagues called him "four dollars a barrel." It was known to the company's chairman, Rockefeller, who invited Akibert to dinner and called on the company staff to learn from him. Later, Akibert became the second chairman of Standard Oil company.

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