360 Browser favorite Bar Hide how to pull out the Favorites bar disappears display method

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Use 360 security browser users will often collect some sites and favorites to access, display at the top of the main interface of the collection bar is able to open the Web site, but someone encountered the browser's favorite bar disappeared, 360 browser favorite bar hidden how to pull up? The next small series for everyone to bring 360 browser favorite bar is missing. Resolve display methods.

360 Browser favorite Bar Hide how to pull out the Favorites bar disappears display method

Pull up the hidden 360 secure browser Favorites Bar Shortcuts: ctrl+b

If there is no response, it may be the other software in the computer and 360 browser The hotkey conflict, where we can go to 360 browser--tools----shortcut key settings, the 360 browser favorite bar to hide the display of shortcut keys set other.

You can set the more biased will not conflict with other software shortcuts, you can also set three key combination hot key. Once the setting is successful, you can then hold down the shortcut key again to successfully hide the 360 browser from the display switch.

360 Browser favorite Bar Hide how do you pull it up? The Favorites bar disappears. Display method for everyone to introduce here

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