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A school that forgets to praise too much and stays in a crowded classroom all day is a poor result. These sites and applications cover countless topics in science, art, and technology. They can teach you to practice any skill, from making red bean paste to using node.js to develop apps, and they're all free. There is absolutely no reason why you should not master a new skill, broaden your knowledge, or ultimately contribute to your career development. You can learn interactively in your own comfortable home at your own pace. I can't imagine it's easier than that, and frankly, what are you waiting for? Take an online course

Edx-attends online courses from the world's best universities.

Coursera-take part in the world's best online free course.

Coursmos-at any time to learn a micro-course on any device.

highbrow-Daily course for bite size by mailbox

skillshare-online courses and projects that inspire your creativity.

curious-Improve your skills through online video courses.

lynda.com-learn technical, creative and business skills.

Creativelive-is free to learn creative lessons from top experts from around the world.

udemy-Learn the real world skills. Learn how to Program

codecademy-free, interactive learning program.

stuk.io-Learn how to program from the beginning.

Udacity-win the approval of industry leaders.

platzi-courses on the design, marketing and programming of live classes.

Learnable-the best way to learn web development.

Code school-is programmed through practicing learning.

THINKFUL-1 1 Coaching to boost your career.

code.org-easy to understand the course, today began to learn programming.

baserails-mastering Ruby on Rails and other web technologies.

treehouse-Learn html, CSS, IPhone apps, and so on.

One month-one months learn to program and develop Web applications.

dash-Learn to do some great websites. Learn to analyze and process data

datacamp-online R language and data Science course.

Dataquest-learns data science through browsers.

datamonkey-exercises your data analysis skills in a simple and fun way. Learn a new language

Duolingo-learn a language for free.

LINGVIST-200 hours to learn a language.

busuu-Free language Learning community.

Memrise-use cards to learn vocabulary. Expand your knowledge and skills

Ted-ed-found a carefully crafted educational video.

Khan academy-visits a wide range of interactive content libraries.

Guides.co-is driven by curiosity and enthusiasm and finds inspiration to do things well.

squareknot-browse the perfect guide.

Learnist-learn from carefully planned web, printed materials, and video content.

prismatic-Learn some interesting knowledge skills based on community recommendations. Welfare

chesscademy-Learn to play chess free.

pianu-Online to learn the piano interactively.

yousician-digital age, your exclusive guitar instructor.

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