38 tips to make you a master of Gmail

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Four levels:

White belt cainiao:

    1. Mark important emails with asterisks
    2. Chat reply
    3. Organize your mailbox with tags
    4. Use "move to" to clear your inbox, just like moving to a folder.
    5. Search for emails without sorting them out
    6. Archive emails to make your inbox more clean, but keep emails from being deleted
    7. Import emails and contacts from old mailboxes
    8. Topic
    9. Report spammer

Green Belt veteran:

    1. Video chat
    2. Use tasks as the Action event list
    3. Use filters to control emails
    4. Use a filter to highlight emails with certain tags
    5. Send email on mobile phone
    6. Preview attachments without opening them
    7. Use "cancel sending" to prevent sending wrong letters
    8. Use Gtalk's "status" to tell you what you are doing
    9. Let Gmail remind you not to forget to add attachments
    10. Tell everyone you are on vacation, don't bother me
    11. Express your mood with emoticons

Black belt experts:

    1. Use keyboard shortcuts to perform mailbox operations
    2. Search to find a specific letter
    3. Use personalized addresses to automatically classify letters
    4. Identify whether emails are sent to you in group or only
    5. Use offline Gmail
    6. Add multiple attachment files quickly
    7. Add "(EOM)" to the chat topic to enable ttalk to automatically disconnect the chat topic
    8. Use Quick Reply
    9. View YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, and yelp previews directly in the email.
    10. Use "quick link" to go directly to the page you think
    11. Send and archive, once completed

Gmail master:

    1. Integrate Google Calendar and docs into Gmail
    2. Send text messages (not available in mainland China)
    3. Remotely control the deprecation of another computer logging on to Gmail
    4. Customize RSS news
    5. Access your mailbox through https
    6. Search for emails by "Super Stars"
    7. Use your own domain name to access Gmail

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38 does not seem to be enough? We look forward to hearing your Gmail tips in the message and sharing your Gmail skills.

Let me give you a few tips:

    • The size of Gmail is increasing every day. If it doesn't satisfy your appetite, you can scale it out on a pay-as-you-go basis.
    • You can directly view and manage Gtalk chat records.
    • You can manage contacts directly
    • Fun with snakes
    • You can set your own region and use bus stop or other theme. If it rains outside, the theme background will rain, reminding you to close the window and close your clothes.
    • You can send a Gmail invitation ...... In other words, Gmail is open for registration, and 96 more invitations are stuck in the pot.

(Bad tips ...... It is estimated that only bricks can be thrown ......)

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