' SMBus Host Controller not enabled ' when starting kylin16.0 in VMware (not yet entering the system)

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After installing the Ubuntu16.10 in VMware, the ' SMBus Host Controller not enabled ' Error prompt is started and cannot be entered into the GUI.
Search the Web, the solution is to enter the terminal window in the graphical interface, edit the blacklist.conf file, prohibit i2c_piix4 driver loading.
But now the system has not been loaded, into the terminal window, how to deal with it?

The workaround is as follows (pro-Test available):

Systems running on a virtual machine with a Linux kernel version of 4.7 or more will crash during installation or at startup due to the load of intel_powerclamp drivers.
1. Press and hold the left SHIFT key while starting Ubuntu;
The Grub boot option is displayed when the 2.Ubuntu is powered on;
3. Next select the Advanced option for Ubuntu (Premium options for Ubuntu);
4. Then go to Ubuntu Recovery mode (Ubuntu, with Linux 4.7.x.x-generic (recovery mode));
5. In recovery menu, select Root to enter the root shell;
6. Enter the following command:

Code:mount-o REMOUNT,RW/

7. Open blacklist.conf


8. Add a line at the end of the file

Code:blacklist intel_powerclamp

9. Restart


' SMBus Host Controller not enabled ' when starting kylin16.0 in VMware (not yet entering the system)

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