3D Game Programming with directx 11 Exercise answers 8.3, programming8.3

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3D Game Programming with directx 11 Exercise answers 8.3, programming8.3
Chapter 8 Question 3

1. Copy flare. dds and flarealpha. dds to the project directory.

2. Create a shader resource view

HR(D3DX11CreateShaderResourceViewFromFile(md3dDevice,    L"Textures/flare.dds", 0, 0, &mFlareSRV, 0)); HR(D3DX11CreateShaderResourceViewFromFile(md3dDevice,    L"Textures/flarealpha.dds", 0, 0, &mFlareAlphaSRV, 0));

3. Add a texture in Basic. fx.

Texture2D gFlare;Texture2D gFlareAlpha;

4. Set texture

Flare              = mFX->GetVariableByName("gFlare")->AsShaderResource();FlareAlpha          = mFX->GetVariableByName("gFlareAlpha")->AsShaderResource();

5. multiply the two texel values in Basic. fx (component-wise multiply)

float4 flareTex = gFlare.Sample(samAnisotropic, pin.Tex);float4 flareAlphaTex = gFlareAlpha.Sample(samAnisotropic, pin.Tex);texColor = flareTex * flareAlphaTex;

6. Get it done

Introduction to 3D game programming with directx 11

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Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 11 PDF thanks

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