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The Google Webmaster Group Blog recently discussed some questions about the 404 error page, which I think is very useful, which leads us to a question we are going to talk about today: How should 404 pages be designed?

First, what is the 404 error?

404 is an HTTP error code, that is, the requested Web page does not exist. The first 4 indicates a client error, 0 indicates an incorrect URL, and the second 4 indicates the order.

So, how should 404 pages be designed?

1. Avoid too simple and technical

I often see a number of 404 error pages like the one above, designed to be too simple and technical, to know that most people don't understand the 404 error. In addition to the original Chinese web page unexpectedly use English to describe 404 errors, users are more unintelligible, do not know that the site is closed.

2. Rich design to pull the user back

Good design allows users to feel that the site is prepared for errors, of course, will enhance the image of the site, and even remember this site. If you add a connection to the picture, you will retain a certain amount of traffic.

3. Add suggestions let users follow you

No one wants to meet 404 mistakes, which means you can't find what you want. Excellent website design should take into account the needs of users, make a reasonable navigation or search bar, to provide users with help. This has undoubtedly won the user, but also increased traffic.

4. Use the switch to import the user to the specified page

<meta http-equiv= "Refresh" content= "10;url=http://www.sanliangfan.com/" >

This is a double-edged sword, the use of good can help users save time, increase the choice of the use of bad, will allow users to be raped feeling. Reasonable turn should give the user a consideration and choice of room, generally 10 minutes advisable.

5. Reasonable use of appropriate additional advertising

Some ads, such as Google AdSense can pinpoint the user search keywords, the appropriate in the 404 error page to add some ads or can bring you the benefit of the search box is also a good choice, the click rate is also quite high.

Only the user-centric design is a good design, 404 error page Although the role in the site is not very large, but the page is worth us to explore and think. To paraphrase the Ancients: Details often determine success or failure.

Of course, 32 rice is not the designer, above also only for opinion, and do not want to play a big knife in front of the master or get an axe.

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