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According to my understanding of software testing, the ultimate goal of testing is to free up the labor force. Testers only need to come to the machine and press START key. After a series of work is completed by the machine, check the final result. How fascinating this is! Maybe I am currently engaged in automated testing, so no matter how I build the test environment and run the test tasks, the process of data collection and analysis, fault diagnosis and analysis, and temporary result feedback and output is all automated. This is a process that requires rapid development of software testing, testers need to continuously accumulate experience and develop various tools and scripts in their work to optimize the testing process and improve the testing efficiency throughout the testing cycle. This process does not seem like an empty fantasy, because the automation of the current project team has already achieved the establishment of the test environment and the execution of test tasks, the implementation process of the data collection and analysis, fault diagnosis and result feedback output process is also discussed automatically. I believe that after a while, the automation of these processes will also be put into use by testers. Automated Testing may also become the future trend of software testing.

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