50 amazing red Series website design inspiration use blue examples in Webpage Design

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Here is a collection of amazing website designs in red.These websites have been beautifully designed with red as the main focus.

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An example of blue in web design

Webdesigner tutorial hut installed powered by Dan frimlalex unzip castellbi digital polyester studio try sodathe autumn wedding gray designred roosternever a better workshop and my workshop hotel might Wei asianhot character studiosjon Wallace startup driving character crooked vulturesthe CP diarydom Holmes tattoopixel deathcubed routegreen oniontake the specified carrot provided creativehotel vigorengand provided-tweetimpulse developmentdark crimsonbow tie appcafe provided in ten cities

Original article: http://bloomwebdesign.net/myblog/2012/02/07/red-website-designs-inspiration/


author: Meng Chen
Exit: http://www.cnblogs.com/xiaoyao2011/
personal site: http://www.coderidea.com/
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