5000 Yuan fx-8370/rx470 eight core PC configuration

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 5000 $ fx-8370/rx470 Eight core Computer Configuration

  5000 $ fx-8370/rx470 Eight kernel exclusive game configuration recommendation
Accessories name brand model reference price
processor ¥999
heatsink ¥99
video card Sapphire RX470 4G D5 Ultra Platinum OC ¥1499
motherboard gigabyte 970a-ds3p (am3+ motherboard) ¥499
memory Wei just 8G DDR3 1600 ¥295
hard drive > The Shadow Armor War 240G SSD hard disk first Mataric side transparent game box Great Wall HOPE-7000DS power supply (rated 600W) AOC P2491VWHE/BW 23.6-inch narrow border ¥749
Mouse Pack user optional 5087 $
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Computer Hardware Reviews:

FX-8370 is AMD this year launched the upgrade version of the FX series high-end processors, belong to the FX-8350 upgrade version, equipped with the original eight core eight threads, the default frequency up to 4.3GHZ,8MB three cache, support ddr3-1866 memory, 125W Thermal design power dissipation, is called multi-core game weapon. In addition, AMD FX 8370 completes the Oculus Rift VR test and certification to fully guarantee the smooth experience of VR games.

AMD FX-8370 Eight Core processor

This eight core CPU is the place, FX-8350 is still the AMD old piling machine structure, based on the older 32nm technology, high power consumption, and not support the next generation of DDR4 memory. In other respects, in view of the FX-8350 boxed price is more expensive, this set of configuration options we used a separate cpu+ Kyushu Ice 400 radiator solution, a strong increase in cost-effective.

Graphics, as the end of the 2016 installed solution, the graphics card has naturally selected a card this year's new RX series of graphics cards, configuration, we recommend the RX 470 graphics cards, based on a new architecture, advanced 14nm technology, and joined the VR support.

Sapphire RX470 4G D5 Ultra Platinum OC Graphics

Sapphire RX470 4G D5 Super Platinum OC Graphics frequency to reach the 1206-1260mhz/7000mhz, with 4GB GDDR5 large memory, 256bit video memory bit wide, support DX12, performance can meet most of the major mainstream game demand. Heat dissipation, the graphics card using airflow-oriented cooling, 6-mode RGB lamp, a key to accelerate, Dual-x double fan, fan intelligent start and stop, low noise, full coverage backplane, the mainstream of the selection of players!

Other Hardware and Computer configuration reviews

CPU and graphics card basically determines a computer's core hardware, but memory, hard disk, motherboard, chassis power supply and display hardware also played an important role in supporting, also can not exist short board, otherwise there will be DIY installed barrel effect.

Motherboard, small series recommended is Gigabyte 970A-D3P motherboard, based on am3+ interface, compatible FX-8370 FX series processor, the motherboard works with mature materials, stability, but only a slight increase in prices at the end of a slightly more regrettable.

Gigabyte 970A-D3P Motherboard

Memory and hard disk, since the national Day, memory and SSD hard disk price increases, the end of the year near, these two large memory and storage hardware prices are still not the meaning of price, it seems more helpless. Configuration, small series recommended the price relatively affordable some of the Granville just 8GB DDR3 memory, the hard drive is the use of the shadow armored war 240G solid-state hard disk.

Chassis power supply is selected by the public heat selection of the side-through game box, equipped with brand 600W high-power power supply, to ensure the eight-core computer power supply and stability. The final display is a P2491VWHE/BW 23.6-inch narrow-border display with a high cost performance ratio.

AOC P2491VWHE/BW 23.6 inch narrow border display

Computer Configuration Reviews:

A set of about 5000 AMD eight core-display multi-core games Sharp Weapon DIY computer, overall performance positioning in the middle, the biggest bright spot lies in having a strong multi-core ability, for more open games and other aspects have a better advantage, in addition to AMD platform continues to continue some cost-effective features, but the CPU, motherboard, memory, Hard drives and other hardware at the end of some price increases, to some extent, the impact of some cost-effective, a little regret.

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