"51CTO College three years" learning comprehension + thought Summary

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51cto Learning website Course content is rich, but chooses suits own is the best, this also is the life chooses the more appropriate attitude. I was through the old boy network operation and maintenance of the 51CTO, the daily click of the most is also 51CTO, knowledge wireless, dry, endless, learning is the direct feeling of 51CTO to me. In the course of learning operations, encounter very confused and do not understand, the degree Niang give me a few choice of doubts, the preferred 51CTO. Knowledge-rich, simple and user-friendly interface. The best is can be directly pasted copy 650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://img.baidu.com/hi/jx2/j_0021.gif "alt=" J_0021.gif "/>650" this.width =650, "src=" Http://img.baidu.com/hi/jx2/j_0021.gif "alt=" J_0021.gif "/>".

Here I summarize, learn to harvest it.

1. There is a group of people who insist on learning, have dreams, are willing to share, and are good at helping others. They will help themselves to learn, but also to motivate themselves, to spur themselves, the most afraid of is more than your cow fork, but also more than you work hard people. And 51CTO is a lot here.

2. Second, I would like to study the old boy education of the maintenance course, a focus on thinking and learning habits, employment-oriented conscience training institutions. A learning environment good at creating a good learning atmosphere. Of course, the best is the teacher's course arrangement. Gradually, the ease of the degree of my fine. The most bull is can put me live we study each stage mentality. This is a bit gadget.

3. The current state of study can only be considered good. There are too many Daniel. It's a little bit more rhythmic. But the choice is still step by step. Go after the quality of learning. It is very important to develop good study habits.

4. During the learning process. Know how to work hard. Know how to be thankful, learn to learn and stick to goals.

I am participating in the "51CTO College three anniversary, I have to say in the college harvest" essay activities, participation on the prize ~ You also come to see it ~

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"51CTO College three years" learning comprehension + thought Summary

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