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Cloud storage terminals include what we often say about the network hard disk, the cloud disk, they can do a lot of things, such as multi-party collaboration to share the cloud server file information, remote control upload download resource content. Although the network synchronous storage is the main characteristic of the network Pan Yun Terminal, but it cannot explain the transmission and storage of the resource by the large network disk, there is no restriction. On the contrary, all the large network terminals have a perfect strict system for the control of resources.

To give a practical case, when users use a network Pan Yun storage terminal software to upload the download, or synchronization of local and network resources, will be the network disk service provider to the network tray to do a good job of control, including the following aspects:

Storage security of network disk resources is the key

First, the network disk resources storage security control, testing each selected network tray provider, the general user data security protection of the controlling force. Because the disk is a virtual networked storage device built on the cloud, users are largely unable to implement custom security scans in the cloud, which is usually provided by a service provider.

Second, the network of documents classified storage control, this is the service provider to provide users with file control services, and some of the management authority given (after the detailed analysis), some more relaxed.

Third, the network disk storage space is limited. Network disk storage space is actually directly linked to the cost of the service provider, so for this aspect, almost every network disk manufacturers will be in the disk storage space to make a certain degree of control.

Introduction of the reference network disk products

Today's network disk products are diverse, the main point discussed in this article is the service provided by the provider, combined with this discussion point, we found the network Pan Yun Storage Service Industry 6 representative products. In the beginning of the article, we will list these selected products, along with the product download channel and brief introduction. So that we can understand the actual situation of the product before the test begins.

6 cloud storage terminal versions and downloads
software name beta version Microsoft SkyDrive  
"> Tencent Micro Cloud 1.4  
Jinshan fast disk 3.3.4. 9  
cloud network disk 2.4.2  
icloud 2.1.2  
360 Cloud disk  

Microsoft SkyDrive Web Version interface

Jinshan Fast Disk Control Panel built locally on the computer

icloud Local Control Panel

6 cloud Storage terminal Description
software name Software Introduction
Microsoft SkyDrive windows SkyDrive is a cloud storage service launched by Microsoft, where users can log in with their Windows live account, upload their own pictures, documents, and wait for storage in SkyDrive. Microsoft officially launched the SkyDrive client download on April 23, 2012.
Tencent Micro Cloud Tencent's meticulously crafted for the user Intelligent Cloud Service, which allows you to sync files, push photos, and transmit data conveniently between your phone and your computer via a micro cloud.
Jinshan fast disk Jinshan fast disk is Jinshan software based on cloud storage Save the release of free Sync network disk services, service users over 15 million. With file synchronization, file backup and file sharing capabilities, covering six major platforms, easy access to your personal files anytime, anywhere.
Cloud network disk user stores the file to the cloud via Yunno Side, and then on any user-authorized computer or mobile device to view,Modify, delete it, and support an account that can log in and bind unlimited clients at the same time. Users can also send files to other people, or create shared group shared files.
icloud icloud will replace M Obileme, icloud is based on the original MobileMe function of a new rewrite, providing the original mail, calendar and contact person synchronization functions.
360 Cloud Disk is a Qihoo 360 section Technology sharing cloud storage service products. For the vast number of ordinary netizens to provide large storage capacity, free, safe, portable, stable cross-platform file storage, backup, delivery and sharing services. 360 cloud disk for each user to provide 5G of free initial capacity space, through the completion of the task can be maximum expansion to 36G.

Note: In the six selected network disk, Microsoft SkyDrive, icloud two products and operating system has an important source. Microsoft SkyDrive is one of the system Tools integrated in the Windows operating system (built in Win8), and icloud is one of the system tools in the Apple operating system (OS X, iOS). However, they all exist independently of the software available for download, this article is used as a single software independent of the system in the network disk software. The rest of the test products are independent third party network disk products.

Network Disk storage Security control

The most significant difference between a network hard disk and local storage is that, as long as there is a network, users can use the storage resources on the cloud server, without worrying about the trouble of not carrying storage devices.

Mentioned above is one of the most shining highlights of the network, but this bright spot will also have a more prominent problem. Usually when we use a local storage device to access data, if we encounter a threatening file that is brought to the device, causing the file poisoning in the storage device, we can still repair the storage device by using antivirus software. Then, if this is the threat of the file is brought to the network hard disk cloud server, presumably killing the virus is not so simple.

Therefore, it is necessary for us to first discuss the cloud storage terminals in the resource control of the most basic, but also the most important link-storage file security protection.

Network Disk Antivirus: Authorization security check is the key

SkyDrive often requires security checks when connecting to a computer

One of the important ways to do this is to check the security of a user's login. Believe that ordinary users of the network, will not easily use their own network disk to store the virus specifically? Therefore, the user's own normal use of the network disk, usually does not bring a number of security threats, but if the user's network account is stolen, lost, then this situation is very likely to occur.

Therefore, the user login security on the inspection, for the safe use of the network to lay a solid foundation.

The cloud network disk can selectively initiate secure transmission mechanism

In addition, the security of the transmission process is also a necessary guarantee. such as the cloud network disk, especially in the proxy settings to join the security transmission mode, is to allow users to use proxy server transfer files, can obtain more comprehensive security protection.

Summary: After consulting the network disk related Technical Reference, we learned that at present, almost all cloud storage services (network disk) providers, in their own cloud server to establish a strong security protection measures. such as in the server-side professional anti-virus software, Kaspersky, McAfee and other protective systems, a strong protection of the network disk storage security.

In such a strong security protection system, the entry of login security checks, safe transmission mode, and so on, with the perfect security system to play, more complementary. So the Microsoft SkyDrive and the Cloud Connaught Network disk and so on in the protection aspect to be more thorough.

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