6. Streamline the centos System Environment

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With the deepening of the use of VPs hosts, the old left from the use of panel tools to VPs, and then to the one-click installation package, now basically can learn their own VPs management website/backup website maintenance. However, it takes time to perform in-depth O & M. For example, it is worth sharing the article on streamlining and optimizing the centos system environment. However, it is recommended that you install the system before the operation, instead of operating after the website is running to avoid system problems.

Step 1: Delete unnecessary built-in software packages

yum remove Deployment_Guide-en-US finger cups-libs cups ypbindyum remove bluez-libs desktop-file-utils ppp rp-pppoe wireless-tools irda-utilsyum remove sendmail* samba* talk-server finger-server bind* xinetdyum remove nfs-utils nfs-utils-lib rdate fetchmail eject ksh mkbootdisk mtoolsyum remove syslinux tcsh startup-notification talk apmd rmt dump setserial portmap yp-toolsyum groupremove "Mail Server" "Games and Entertainment" "X Window System" "X Software Development"yum groupremove "Development Libraries" "Dialup Networking Support"yum groupremove "Games and Entertainment" "Sound and Video" "Graphics" "Editors"yum groupremove "Text-based Internet" "GNOME Desktop Environment" "GNOME Software Development"

Step 2: Upgrade the centos System

Yum update # update system Yum clean all # Clear All cached files

Step 3: Disable SELinux

Sestatus # first check The SELinux status. If it is not disabled, perform the following steps. Otherwise, do not run VI/etc/SELinux/configselinux = disabled # disable selinuxselinux = enforcing # Use SELinux

Step 4: Disable IPv6 (reboot is required after execution)

VI/etc/modprobe. conf # open the file, add the following two lines to the last alias net-pf-10 offalias IPv6 off

Step 5: Initialize the Firewall

touch /etc/sysconfig/iptablesiptables -Fiptables -Xiptables -Zservice iptables saveservice iptables restart

Step 6: Disable useless services

#! /bin/bashservice acpid offservice atd stopservice auditd stopservice avahi-daemon stopservice avahi-dnsconfd stopservice bluetooth stopservice conman stopservice cpuspeed stopservice cups stopservice dnsmasq stopservice dund stopservice firstboot stopservice hidd stopservice httpd stopservice ibmasm stopservice ip6tables stopservice irda stopservice kdump stopservice lm_sensors stopservice mcstrans stopservice messagebus stopservice microcode_ctl stopservice netconsole stopservice netfs stopservice netplugd stopservice nfs stopservice nfslock stopservice nscd stopservice ntpd stopservice oddjobd stopservice pand stopservice pcscd stopservice portmap stopservice psacct stopservice rdisc stopservice restorecond stopservice rpcgssd stopservice rpcidmapd stopservice rpcsvcgssd stopservice saslauthd stopservice sendmail stopservice setroubleshoot stopservice smb stopservice vncserver stopservice winbind stopservice wpa_supplicant stopservice xfs stopservice ypbind stopservice yum-updatesd stopchkconfig acpid offchkconfig atd offchkconfig auditd offchkconfig avahi-daemon offchkconfig avahi-dnsconfd offchkconfig bluetooth offchkconfig conman offchkconfig cpuspeed offchkconfig cups offchkconfig dnsmasq offchkconfig dund offchkconfig firstboot offchkconfig hidd offchkconfig httpd offchkconfig ibmasm offchkconfig ip6tables offchkconfig irda offchkconfig kdump offchkconfig lm_sensors offchkconfig mcstrans offchkconfig messagebus offchkconfig microcode_ctl offchkconfig netconsole offchkconfig netfs offchkconfig netplugd offchkconfig nfs offchkconfig nfslock offchkconfig nscd offchkconfig ntpd offchkconfig oddjobd offchkconfig pand offchkconfig pcscd offchkconfig portmap offchkconfig psacct offchkconfig rdisc offchkconfig restorecond offchkconfig rpcgssd offchkconfig rpcidmapd offchkconfig rpcsvcgssd offchkconfig saslauthd offchkconfig sendmail offchkconfig setroubleshoot offchkconfig smb offchkconfig vncserver offchkconfig winbind offchkconfig wpa_supplicant offchkconfig xfs offchkconfig ypbind offchkconfig yum-updatesd off

In this way, centos can be simplified and optimized through the above six steps.

6. Streamline the centos System Environment

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