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Both Dropbox and Live Mesh are commonly used network storage.
Service, which can implement multiple computers
File Sharing and synchronization, Microsoft
The Live Mesh of is provided with 5 GB space, while the initial free space provided by Dropbox is 2 GB. You can increase it to 5 GB by invitation.
Synchronization software
I think Dropbox is more useful, but here I will introduce some tips I have summarized when using Dropbox.

1. Synchronize any folder

After the Dropbox installation is complete, you will usually create a my Dropbox folder on your computer and put the files in this folder for synchronization. This is not as good as live.
Mesh is easy to use. At least mesh can synchronize specified folders such as "desktop", while Dropbox can only synchronize fixed folders. To solve the problem of synchronizing other folders, you need to use
Junction/mklink tool.

For Windows
For XP users, Microsoft provides a small tool, junction, which allows you to create and delete a junction directory in the NTFS system. The contents of this directory are the same as those of the original directory, as shown in figure
If you modify the content in any folder, the other will change accordingly. The junction directory is a feature of the NTFS file system, But windows
XP has no tool to operate on it. You need to download an EXE file to use it. In Windows
7. The command is mklink, which is used in the same way as junction.

For example, we can execute Junction "E:/My Documents ents" "E:/my dropbox/My Documents ents"
The command creates a junction directory named E:/my documents, pointing to E:/my dropbox/My
Statement, the command is executed instantly, and the two directories are identical, so that we can use E:/my dropbox/My
The documents directory replaces the directories in my documents.

For Dropbox, the junction directory can only be created according to the preceding command, but not in my dropbox directory. After my test, the junction directory in my dropbox directory can only be synchronized once, after modification, the added files are not synchronized and cannot be synchronized.


2. Synchronize MSN and QQ records

If we use MSN and QQ at home and in the company at the same time, we will encounter a problem, that is, the chat records are not synchronized, one company, one home, dropbox can be used to synchronize chat records in two locations.

First, set my documents to the junction directory according to the above operations, and put the actual file to my
In the Dropbox directory, set the default location for saving files and chat records in "My Documents" in QQ and MSN. In this way, all user chat records will be automatically the same as those in Dropbox.
Step to Achieve Synchronous updates of chat records at home and company.

3. Synchronize documents

"My Documents" stores many important documents of users, and many people need to synchronize "My documents. The synchronization method is to right-click "My documents", modify the target folder location of "My documents", and change it to the Dropbox directory.

4. Synchronize desktops

In addition to my documents, many people want to synchronize desktop files on multiple computers. There are two solutions
One is to modify the desktop location in the Registry and change the folder to the Dropbox directory. The location of the Registry Modification is:
Shell Folders and
For the desktop path, you can create a junction directory on the desktop to implement synchronization. In this way, one more table on the desktop is actually of the junction type.
To copy the work documents or other documents to the folder.

5. Synchronize ie favorites

By default, the IE favorites path is: C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/favorites.
You can modify the path of the favorites folder by modifying the Registry to open the registry:
Shell Folders, and then change the "favorites" key value to my
A folder path under the Dropbox directory. You can perform this operation on multiple computers to automatically synchronize ie favorites from multiple computers.

6. Automatic website backup

If you have a website similar to "Moonlight blog", you will also have a headache for data security. How can you safely and automatically back up website data? With Dropbox, we have a new solution for automatic website backup.

For websites using SQL Server, you can set an automatic task in SQL Server to automatically back up database files to the my dropbox directory every day.

For websites using access, access files that are frequently read and written should not be directly stored in the Dropbox directory, but the method of regular replication is better. Operations
Yes. Create a BAT file with the content "xcopy" E:/Website "E:/my dropbox/Website"
/S/e/Y ", in the" System Tool-
Create a new scheduled task in Task Scheduler. Select this batch file and set Automatic execution every morning. Then, you can automatically set the website files (including access files) under the website directory to 1.
To the website folder in the Dropbox directory.

In this way, Dropbox can be used to automatically back up files and databases on the website without manual operations. The disadvantage is that up to 5 GB space is not suitable for backup of large websites.

Well, the above are some tips I have summarized when using Dropbox. In general, Dropbox is a very good network synchronization tool, live
Compared with Dropbox, mesh has several disadvantages, such as only supporting windows, not Linux and Mac, and poor compatibility (for example, installing live on my company's computer ).
Mesh, and cannot be installed). In addition, the Live Mesh interface needs to be further optimized.

The default space of Dropbox is 2 GB. If you want to use Dropbox, click here to register the Dropbox account to get a space of 2 to 25 GB. If you invite other users to use it, each time you invite a user to register, you can get up to MB of space, up to 5 GB of Space cap.

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