65% GB drives global core group optical exchange revenue soar

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65% GB drives global core group optical exchange revenue soar

According to the latest Heavy Reading report, the sustained and rapid development of G Long-Distance Networks has promoted the rapid growth of group optical switching. In 7.6%, the global long-distance transmission network (or core transmission network) saw a steady growth of, mainly driven by the construction of a G network. The entire core transmission network market includes the packet optical switching part, the DWDM transmission and OTN exchange Integrated Product defined by Heavy Reading, and the group switching technology.

At present, carriers are increasingly inclined to combine the G transmission network and the OTN. One of the reasons is that the low-speed 10g traffic can effectively enter a large g pipeline. Previously, it was inferred that OTN exchange would be widely used, and this trend is clearly visible in the current market. In 2013, the global core group optical exchange revenue soared by 65% to $1.3 billion (including exchange and transmission products ). In contrast, revenue from traditional optical crossover products based on Sonet/SDH continued to drop by 2013 in 22% to $0.2 billion.

From these figures, we can see some obvious trends:

G is driving the growth of core network spending and affecting the decision-making process of carrier's core network architecture.

At present, OTN is the clear choice of the carrier's core network, and we believe it will continue in the next five years.

The operator hopes to combine their own otns with the transmission platform. This is also the case in the next five years.

In addition to DWDM transmission and OTN switching, Heavy Reading defines also some areas of application group switching products such as Ethernet, MPLS-TP, or MPLS switching. At this time, the evolution trend of group exchange in the core transmission network is still unclear, which also requires close attention. In the early days, some form of group exchange seemed to be a major part of the core transmission network. For example, Verizon was originally a supporter of Integrated Packet Exchange and core transmission, but eventually the carrier adopted the MPLS core of Juniper Networks and the 100G/OTN of Ciena respectively.

At the OFC exhibition in March, there were rumors that the core OTN exchange would be too short and will soon be replaced by the MPLS exchange. If "not long" refers to the next three years, we will not see this conversion. We believe that OTN exchange is gaining momentum. However, if we focus on the next five or more years, it may not be necessary.

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