7 compelling reasons you need-to-START the business your ' VE always wanted

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Don ' t Wait any longer–start Your Own business and Stop Building Someone Else ' s Empire

the autonomy and freedom you'll gain by working for yourself are something that's won ' t get in a job, even working For the best boss.  It's true, self employment isn ' t always easy.  on the contrary, you should prepare your Self for struggles in the beginning.  However, the rewards can is great.  even if you had only a average Business, you control your own destiny and would enjoy irrefutable financial perks so you can ' t working for someone else.

in case you ' re wondering, I started my current business in 2000.  It's no household name, but we're fairly well kno WN in Tampa Bay, florida.  I ' am not just bragging, but my little company, Digicor, Inc. gives me the freedom to pursue My writing endeavors.   i ' m able to spend four or five hours a day writing, a vocation for which I receive no I ncome.  I write because I enjoy it and has hopes of retiring into it in a few years. For-now, the-only-I can do the-is because I has a business with an established customer base, that practically runs On auto pilot.

many posts that promise similar information as this is written by people who has never run a business.  those peop Le has no clue what they ' re talking about.  unless you ' ve successfully persevered and has made your living from a B Usiness, how could you write anything credible?  you couldn ' t.

i love to see the entrepreneurial spirit in action.  genuinely, it gives me more satisfaction to see an individual s Ucceed as a small business owner than it does for me to see that a fortune company hit record profits.  the Econo My depends hugely on small business ' contributions to our Gross national Product.

So, without further adieu–

7 Compelling reasons you need -to-Start the business you ' ve always wanted:
  1. You aren't building anything for yourself by doing someone else ' s grunt work.  Perhaps you ' re a professional engineer, or a lawyer or a trades person. Whatever, someone else, you could is doing for yourself–building your own base of customers and establishing Your own reputation for the future repeat business.
  2. Start while your has the energy, knowing this by the time you ' re tired, and you'll have something of value built to sell to   Someone else. I don ' t want to disenfranchise your from the idea of starting you own gig, but you ' ve got to know it best to start while Y  Ou ' ve still got some fire in your furnace. If you wait, sadly, the never take action on your ideas.So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet won't take the initiative to change their situation Becaus E They is conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservation, all of which-appear to give one peace of M IND, but in reality, nothing was more damaging to the adventurous spirit.

    –christopher Mccandless–explorer, author

  3. every ounce of effort you put into your job would return many times more, if you invest that same effort into building you R own business.  I ' ve seen countless individuals with tremendous amounts of skill and talent who stay in the SAM E position, year in and year out.  If only they would realize they could does the same thing, helping clients get what They want, they too would is business owners and reap the rewards.
  4. don ' t remain a servant to someone else's desires.  unless you ' re in a strong union, your existence in your job exist s only to the extent this your boss or bosses. Servants rarely rise to the top.  as owner of your own start up business, the boss and has the authority and Control over how you decide to does and when you do it.
  5. You gain freedom.   sure, your may work long hours building your own business.  but, in a matter of time R efforts pay off and you is able to take off and run errands, take off early in the afternoon and has play time. & nbsp The joy you would feel from the freedom is something I can ' t overstate.  isn't to brag, but at the years of , I work about legitimate hours a week, pay my bills, with no debt, save money, and really has an easy Going life.   my choice is to not chase After every dollar I could, and that is May is not yours.  my Jo Y comes from a low stress, debt free lifestyle, but yours May is to do lots of money and your may enjoy building an Empir e.  The beauty is, so when do you work for yourself, can choose what's important to you.  My friend, that ' s a Huge benefit. This defines entrepreneur and entrepreneurship–the entrepreneur all searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.

    –peter Drucker–entrepreneur, author

  6. You'll have the more security in your own business. What many people don't understand is so once you ' ve established your business, you can reinvent your business and change  As your customer ' s needs change.    If a large company and the company doesn ' t adapt well, you stand to loose your job with little or no warning. The fact is that you had no control over your job or whether if you even has one, when you work for somebody else.
  7. You manage your own people and decide what many people you want Instead of being the worker bee all the time, you can eventually delegate the responsibilities and daily tasks to employee  s or independent contractors.  You control the workforce and all of the resources it takes to run your business. The autonomy to does what are best are yours alone and your employees work-to-help you accomplish your.

If you Don ' t feel a Little Bit nervous and apprehensive, Something ' s wrong


when you start a business, it normal for your to feel uneasy.  you ' ve put a plan together, gone over the details and There are figured out how it all going to work.  yet, you feel nervous and so scares you.  perhaps you don ' t know If you should is feeling that way.  let me put your mind at ease.   I ' ve started at least 6 businesses and The felt similar to the description above at the start.  I wasn ' t afraid, but I definitely had some nervous Anxiety.

call It anxious excitement, call it fear of failure if you must being negative.  Whatever it is, can get through it By working your plan and staying focused in successfully achieving small goals.   that's how I did IT. &NB Sp For instance if I started selling copiers on my own, as a business,  i made lots of cold calls.  my Expe Rience gave me the confidence to know if I knocked on enough doors, talked to enough people and told them about my "great Pricing and service ",  I would succeed.

nerves tell you ' re Alive

Even though I knew I could do it, have it all before, I was still on edge.  But, that is OK and I knew it.  I just made a goal of selling or leasing a machine each week in the beginning.  That is achievable and earned me enough money to pay some bills and put money into my little business. The point, I want you to take away from, that's, that's should make, the business as a simple as possible in the Beginni  ng if its possible.  I know some businesses is very complex, so I'm assuming you're going to being the money maker in the beginning. Just make a simple plan within the broader scope of the business and carry it out, one sale at a time until you get in a G Roove.

once you ' ve made some tangible successes, no matter what small, you should begin to feel less nervous.   When your really start to see the vision.   the more vivid your vision for your business becomes, the more Likel Y is to achieve it.  Once you really believe and you'll see things more clearly.

The old adage that says I'll believe it when I see it, should being you'll see it once you believe it, because that's how th E power of the mind works on business.

7 compelling reasons you need-to-START the business your ' VE always wanted

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