9 Design tools for color, PS and website style

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about Color

1, Colorfavs

Website address: http://www.colorfavs.com

Colorfavs is mainly used to upload images and get image color, it interface design concise, you can browse excellent color collocation, there is a collection of color scheme function, you can drag and drop upload image capture color matching, easy to operate.

2, Uigradients

Website address: http://uigradients.com/

Uigradients is a professional gradient sharing site, there are nearly hundreds of rich gradient color scheme to choose from, designers can choose to match their own style, in addition, we can directly get the corresponding gradient color of the CSS code, quite convenient.

3, Pokepalettes

Website address: http://pokepalettes.com/

Pokepalettes Pocket Monster is a more special color of the site, which all of the color scheme is from the Pokemon inside the role, Pokemon is actually what we call the Magic Baby, I believe many users have seen this cartoon or played this game. Pokepalettes Color Web site currently has more than 600 pokemon role color, users can enter the role of the English name or number can quickly go to the corresponding role. The protagonist Pikachu number is #25, so enter the number 25 and then press the ENTER key on it, pay attention not to enter the "#" number! There is also a small tips, that is, the mouse to move to the left of the color block can display the color value of the color block, different lengths of color block to indicate the color of the use of how much, The longest representation color uses the most range, and the shorter the color is the less used range.

4, Brandseen

Website address: http://brandseenapp.com/

Brandseen is a player to choose the color of the brand logo and match the original game, the higher the color similarity, the higher the score, the main Test player for color sensitivity and grasp degree.

  About PS

1. The Bézier Game

Website address: http://bezier.method.ac/

In fact, from the name can be seen, the Bézier game is a game, its relationship with PS is that this is a PS in the pen tool to complete the game, let everyone play while learning. Pen in PS is more difficult to control and grasp of the tool, in the Bézier game game, the first will be animated way to demonstrate the Bezier curve, and then let the user to try to draw, after registration can see the hint, the difficulty will be more and more big, And after the heart-shaped after this, there is no animation to demonstrate, we need to rely on their own to complete. At the same time, the page also has a undo tool, you can use, and in the bottom of the page can see the number of steps you draw. Tips, learn to use the SHIFT and ALT keys to control.

2, Assistor PS


Assistor PS is a powerful PS auxiliary tool, it has Chettu, coordinates, dimensions, text style annotation, drawing reference lines and other functions, can save a lot of time for designers. The PS tool is free and open to use.

3, Griddify

Website address: http://gelobi.org/griddify/

Using PS to do web design or UI design, drawing guides is a regular thing, especially when the grid, to draw one by one, calculation, sometimes it will feel very troublesome. Griddify can easily generate different intervals of guides, but also support horizontal vertical split, and the operation is very simple.

 About website Style

1, Stylify Me

Website address: http://stylifyme.com

The Web site style guide is a hassle-making process, but it's very useful, and it allows team members to clearly define the design specifications of the project. Just like a handbook, forget to open a look to know. Stylify me is a super handy style guide generation tool that automatically generates and downloads PDF versions only if you enter a URL.

2. UX Timeline

Website address: http://uxtimeline.com/

UX Timeline shares 9 more famous brand Web site revision history, respectively, product Hunt, Shazam, Mailchimp, Vimeo, Dropbox, Spotify, Uber, AirBnB, Deezer and other Internet brands Website. Click into one of the brands, the user can through the form of the timeline, see the homepage of the site's revision history, from the web2.0 texture style to flat design wind, design and user experience have undergone an astonishing change.

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