9 Tips for strengthening wireless network signals

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One, reduce frequency band interference

We choose a band when we release the wireless network, in theory, too much Wi-Fi in the same band can seriously affect the strength of the signal, which means that if your home uses the same wireless signal band as other wireless signals, then some two wireless networks will be affected. Therefore, it is a good idea to change a signal transmitting band by wireless router when the network is unstable.

Many users buy wireless router after the use of wireless signal channels can not be modified, so that everyone uses the router default configuration when the channel, so it is very easy to channel interference. If a neighbor uses the same channel as ours, then both of our wireless signals will be affected. The other thing to note is that a channel signal will also interfere with its adjacent two channels, that is, channel 6 signal will affect the Channel 5 and Channel 7, so we set up the wireless channel, we should try to use network stumbler such software, so that their channel from other signal channels more than two.

Second, reduce RF interference

If the noise intensity of your network bandwidth exceeds the -85DBM, then RF interference is likely to impair network performance. In this case, the user's retry rate will exceed 10%, and the user will feel the network speed is affected. This can happen, for example, when a wireless user is in the same room as a running microwave oven. If you decide that the problem is caused by radio frequency interference, you have to find out where the interference comes from and try to remove the interference. If you have this symptom only when the microwave or wireless phone is running, you have to try to put AP access points into different channels. If you still can't reduce RF interference to an acceptable level, try to increase the intensity of the RF signal in the affected area. For example, you can increase the power of the launch, you can replace the original antenna with a stronger unit, or close the access point closer. This method increases the signal-to-noise ratio, which improves performance.

Iii. reasonable placement of routes

Because the wireless signal passes through the barrier, especially after the metal, the signal will be greatly attenuated. And in our family house, there are many reinforced concrete walls, so in order to enhance the wireless network signal, we are in the display of wireless router, should make the signal as little as possible through the wall. We rarely surf the internet in the kitchen or in a restaurant, and the study and bedroom are the places where we usually surf the internet, so when we choose the location of the wireless router, we can choose to leave the kitchen and the restaurant far away, and as close to the study and bedroom as possible.

Study outside the wall is placed wireless router ideal location, so put can make the living room, study, master bedroom, the second bedroom has a better wireless signal. Of course, different family structure is not the same, we should depend on the specific circumstances. Generally speaking, the wireless card client has the signal strength detection ability, everybody takes the notebook to look at the signal intensity in the room everywhere, thus chooses one best placement point.

Four, extended antenna enhancement signal

Because the size of the antenna gain directly affects the signal emission intensity and the ability to receive, and some of the routers in the market are removable design, so the wireless router to replace a high gain antenna is the most direct way to enhance the signal. Gain antenna There are many in the market, the price is also cheap. However, it is worth noting that the purchase should be asked whether it is omni-directional antenna, otherwise use antenna can only in one Direction transmission wireless signal.

In addition, we can also extend the antenna of the wireless card, but the wireless network card antenna is generally not removable, the replacement is also more troublesome. In fact, many small items in life, can play a role in enhancing the wireless network signal. Network also has a lot of DIY wireless network gain antenna methods, such as the use of milk powder cans, mosquito coils, colander and so on, interested netizens may wish to try.

V. Deny DHCP packets

Experienced users know that DHCP services can help us automatically allocate the IP addresses of computers in the network, but in actual use DHCP can cause network instability, such as the lease to get IP again but found that other computers in the network are already using the IP address, Or the DHCP information is frequently negotiated between the computer and the wireless router.

In fact, these DHCP packets can not be completely, for the average home users, the network is not a large number of computers, we can manually set the IP address and other network parameters to reduce the DHCP packet. Once a friend told me that his family's wireless network is very unstable, and later do not use DHCP directly to specify IP will no longer line.

Spin down and improve stability

First of all, let's take a look at this example, I have a wireless network with the neighbors, he is D-link wireless router, my side is Netcom wireless Network Bridge, the recent frequent disconnection, the speed of the connection is very slow. After inspection found that do not know when more than a Linksys equipment (Linksys signal is very strong) occupied Channel6, as long as he turned on the impact of the quality of our connection, the original ping packet loss rate from 1% Hu Shen to 50%. Then will transmit the signal frequency band adjusts to Channel1, who knows discovers two channel1 equipment in nearby, turns CHANNEL11 unexpectedly has 5 radio. How to solve it?

The above example is the author I have encountered, it can be seen that the wireless network is very popular, because the same band of wireless network will interfere with each other so 13 of the band is not enough for everyone to use, how to solve this problem? The General wireless router will have the function of automatically selecting frequency bands, If not, you can change your wireless device operating mode from 802.11g to 802.11b. Although the speed is reduced, but it brings stability benefits, so to a certain extent reduce the speed of transmission can make our wireless network more stable.

Vii. limit the number of users

Too many active wireless network users, or users are operating a number of bandwidth-intensive applications, will affect the stability of wireless network information. The access point AP can be placed closer to the lower power, creating a smaller RF hive. This "micro-cellular" approach can reduce the number of users per access point, thereby enabling each user to gain more capacity.

Another way to cope with high network utilization is to move some applications to a different frequency band. For example, you might consider using a 5GHz 802.11a network for your Wi-Fi phone, which allows data applications to run in 2.4GHz 802.11b/g. Network.

Viii. Elimination of blind spots

After installing the wireless network, some changes may occur in the facility that adjusts the RF signal transmission. For example, a company might have to build a wall that would greatly weaken the signal. Worse, the RF location may not be investigated until the network is installed. These conditions can lead to the presence of limited or no RF signals in certain areas of the facility, which can greatly degrade performance and disrupt the operation of wireless applications.

What are some of the areas that indicate gaps in coverage? This includes low signal strength (below -75dbm), too high retry rate (above 10%), but is not related to noise intensity. In this case, the signal strength is too low, so the receiver of the wireless card is very difficult to obtain data, which leads to retransmission, low throughput and so on. For example, when a user operates in a place where the signal strength is low, he feels that throughput is down by as much as 75%.

To cope with coverage vulnerabilities, users need to improve the signal strength of the affected area. Try to increase the power of the transmission, replace the old antenna with a stronger new antenna, or better cover the entire area with the AP. In order to minimize the coverage vulnerabilities of future wireless networks, I recommend that you frequently conduct RF field surveys and measurements, such as every few months.

Ix. Optimization of access points

The root cause of poor network performance may be that an AP access point has failed. You can check the access point to see if the antenna has been broken, the status of the lamp is not indicating the error, the power is not enough power and so on. You can try to focus on the Kai-AP, which usually resolves the firmware deadlock problem. To keep the firmware up to date, this is done to make future deadlocks less.

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