99% of real Estate Enterprises will encounter the information problems

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Real estate industry is a resource-intensive, resource-integrated, knowledge-intensive industry, in the construction of information, emphasis on the core business as the main line of information construction, customer, product, capital and knowledge as the core, pay close attention to the real estate enterprises in the project development, marketing, capital Management, cost management. In short, is based on the characteristics of the enterprise itself, choose the appropriate information system. So the final situation is that the information system of real estate enterprises by many manufacturers, many types of systems, the appearance is not the same, the data structure is not the same, and so on all kinds of differences, really really is blossoming.

Sail soft legend Brother earlier contact with a real estate a enterprise is also in accordance with the above-mentioned way to build information, they are good, the current operation is mainly Mingyuan of the various systems. In the big Data age, where data needs to be valued, they find that there is a problem that cannot be solved and coordinated: the application of data. They through the data interface Mingyuan data, the user through the landing of various systems to export the query data, and then processed, processing is mainly manual way. Data acquisition Most of the time through the integration of artificial data, lack of effective unified management.

Coincidentally, the legend of elder brother after another contact with a number of real estate enterprises, there are many of the top 10 real estate companies, they also met 99% of real estate enterprises will encounter problems.

From a macro point of view, the application of data faces a variety of challenges:

1, the business system after several years of operation, precipitated a large number of data, but how to integrate, analyze and use the data, the largest to play the value of data, there is no good solution.

2, the management personnel in need of decision-making information, the business system can not directly provide relevant decision-making information, thus forming an "interesting situation" grass-roots workers think that a system is very useful, middle and high-level managers think the system has no application value, long-term non-use of the system. Therefore, how to excavate the potential application value of data, to provide effective decision-making support for managers, and gradually put in front of management personnel.

3. Although the business system can provide many reports, managers still need more reports and always assume that the reports provided by the business system do not meet the requirements. After all, the market is unpredictable, different time points of analysis will inevitably be different, also need a different report. How to meet the frequently changing reporting requirements is also a challenge.

4, some key business system report speed is slow, the image experience, need to improve the presentation speed of the report.

5, the basic information is not perfect, but at the same time the information department or business unit, and can not fully say where imperfect, so there is no perfect treatment methods and mechanisms to deal with.

Judging from the specific functions of the business system, the existing business system is difficult to solve the following problems effectively:

1, the company all the system is only a simple report function, the new reporting needs can not be quickly responded.

2, enterprises at all levels of management can not and can not be through the ERP or business management software system control and management of enterprises, can not timely, correct, complete access to key business information and for the key business information analysis and research, and then optimize and control the enterprise.

3, can not accurately understand the various types of business data changes and changes in the degree of impact, such as when a factor changes the cost of the entire company and how the profit changes.

4, the impact of profit or cost changes in many factors, can not be analyzed to identify which are the key factors, resulting in the inability to take effective measures to expand and create profits.

5, although there is accurate inventory data, but it is difficult to determine the relationship between inventory and sales, planning.

6, the business system has accumulated a large number of business data, but these data in addition to query, tracking outside the basic dormant state, can not be effectively used, difficult to analyze and report. This data, managers are still having difficulty getting the information they need to make decisions.

7, the existing business system is an online business processing system, rather than an on-line analysis system. They are heavily in process management, and business processes operate in a cured mode, but there is no way to know how to optimize to improve efficiency.

8, unable to achieve the company's sales operations data timely and efficient monitoring, comparison, analysis and early warning, forecasting, to achieve the monitoring of key business information, and unified and integrated with the existing business system software data for the company leadership decision-making to provide accurate, timely and effective data knowledge.

Find the problem always to solve, real estate A enterprise's problem is the lack of a same data analysis platform, to carry complex analysis reports and management cockpit analysis needs. Concrete project construction ideas can be summed up as "a platform, two unified, three levels":

A platform for building a unified business intelligence analytics platform using the owner's product Finereport reporting software and Finebi Business intelligence software. Finereport is mainly used to solve the detailed report and data filling, make fixed format report. Finebi mainly deal with big data, multidimensional database, OLAP multi-dimensional free analysis, business personnel free analysis and mobile.

Two unified: To ensure that the whole system in the process of establishing a unified base of data sources, unified Analysis Report specification. Unified data source is to ensure the accuracy of data, timeliness, unified analysis of the specification of the report, is to improve the readability of the report, reduce maintenance costs.

Three levels: three levels to achieve the construction goals, planning and implementation of enterprise business intelligence platform.

The first level: mainly refers to the basic business level, the collection of the current business unit reports, to solve the current situation of the non-reporting system, the end of a large number of hand-made reports, the business staff from the mud of the report data released. And on this basis, provide data for business people to analyze.

Second level: Refers to department level report, on the basis of the first level, summarizes, realizes the analysis of the Department report data, through to the inventory data, the sales data, the financial data and so on analysis, provides to the Department management personnel, for the department meeting analysis, proposes the early warning, displays the business growth point and so on characteristic.

Third level: Refers to the company level report, after the corresponding basic report customization is completed, according to the company's operation Strategy, the company's business direction, to develop a model, to provide the company for reference decision-making report.

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99% of real Estate Enterprises will encounter the information problems

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