A 20-year-old woman is a thief to keep the expenses of 68-year-old man

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Among them, the man's surname is Ray, 68 years old, female's name is Xiao Fang, 20 years old. Although they are 48 years old, but they are lovers relationship. Of course, this doesn't seem to matter much to love.

According to Thunder a confessed, he because wife long-term outside work, son also has married, all day idle, unavoidably heart some emptiness lonely. Early this year, a coincidence, he met Xiao Fang. And Fang is a single-parent family grew up children, father long-term job outside, she adult and some of the social poor youth mixed together, and then contracted drug addiction.

Ray and Fang one two to ripe, two people living together, he wrapped up her. Neither of them had a steady income, not only to eat and drink, but also to take drugs and money. Ray's own original savings barely lasted for some time, then there was nothing to do. He knew that if he had no money to maintain the high cost of small fang, this relationship is the end, but he was reluctant to.


In such a situation, Ray and Xiao Fang Zeixin, staring at the county village surrounding rural villagers poultry. Before committing a crime, casing, the crime of Division of labor, one person lookout for theft. Ray also confessed that, in addition to stealing the villagers home poultry, they also stole a steel shop two electric motors.

October 30, Lei and small Fang "love" because of suspicion of theft was Guanyang police handover Guanyang County procuratorate arrest. In order to meet the needs of the little lover old man to do thieves, the life is all out of the way, but such a day will not be merry days.

A 20-year-old woman is a thief to keep the expenses of 68-year-old man

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