A bit of my programming Trail (v)

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HTML5 want a fire?

With the increasing trend of fire, the circle of friends seems to have brought a new round of spring to H5, especially the recent finalization of the H5 standard. Many people began to excitedly spread: the front of the fire, H5 spring. As an entry level programmer, I'm not too early to assert that the Web app and native app will ultimately win because I don't have that qualification yet. Just speak from some of your own observations and experiences.

Mobile internet seems to have started to fire from around 08, so far has produced a lot of good software. Smartphones are changing our lives, it is hard to imagine a person without a mobile phone without internet days, mobile phones and apps have been integrated into our lives. However, each person's mobile phone inside the resident software is just a few. And app development seems to have been limited, many software is to burn money to stick to the user. Most companies are beginning to become obsessed with the desire to "embed" their apps into the lives of their users, and the apps of the leading companies are getting bloated. But the replacement of smartphones is so fast that software developers never cherish the memory and performance of their phones. Introduction to Algorithms in the first lesson of the public class, the algorithm is designed to make more efficient use of memory and CPU performance. Most app developers don't care.

Now most of the app is creative, to see who can in the fastest time to put users into their own so-called ecological circle. But one will work millions bone withered, seemingly a prosperous market, behind do not know how many people's sadness. So by now, apps are getting harder to find a way out. In particular, many big companies are beginning to march into this area, and the ideas that can be thought of are basically being thought out by others.

this time appeared in a twist, a night of the game of Fire surround the nerve cat "Let a lot of people start to find a new direction." H5 era seems to have arrived, saved the H5. H5 supported by the light app, plainly is a Web page. Very small and easy to spread, development costs relative to the native app is much lower. And through the circle of friends, all kinds of software with their own QR code scanning, these ways so that these H5 app can be in a very short period of time to get the most widely spread. Cocos2d-js, the appearance of the Egret engine, also makes many people feel that the H5 app seems to be the next point of the mobile internet outbreak.

So many forums start a new round of native app VS Web app which is strong, quite the next-door forum "PHP is the best language" as fiery. However, the blind argument has no practical significance. Verbal quick, but also can not bring any practical value.

Personal feeling, the outbreak of mobile internet. The main problem is to solve the bottleneck of PC development, so that people can truly connect anytime, anywhere. And now the advent of Web apps is also in the solution native app bottleneck, not what kind of things are suitable for native app. Small and beautiful app, in a certain amount of time destined only small, and the development cost is so big, the spread will not be so fast. But web apps can do just that and spread quickly. At least I personally feel that scanning two-dimensional code, software sharing between the mobile Internet is one of the reasons for hot.

The native app has a role that web apps cannot replace, and the last two should be able to achieve a coexistence state. Like most of the software now, are PC, app multi-terminal synchronization. The user should not be asked to stare at the phone or the computer, it should be able to access the information when the user can enjoy the service in the existing networked devices, the future may be very hot wearable devices also. H5 should find their niche, and its spread is native app can not achieve. But to retain users, want to stay on the user's phone longer, native app is still essential.

Finally say a little off-topic, now rage H5 small game, in fact, and the PC on the special Fire Flash games special similar. But flash games are mostly short-lived, so give full play to the advantages of each platform, retain users, and constantly absorb new users, is what internet companies should do.

A bit of my programming Trail (v)

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