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Network users like sharks, must continue to swim forward, otherwise they will not live; they are always browsing and digging for interesting things.

In this reality, if your product does not have the means to immediately attract attention and call the user to take action, it means that the product is not very good. The technology is excellent, the service idea is very thoughtful, but it is no bird; it is a vain thing.

This article is to introduce a few good ways to promote the presentation, and the final point is on your home page (login pages? First page? Anyway you know what it means).

A concise headline that immediately drew attention

This is actually the most important feature of any product home page.

A clear, powerful, and can move people's title, so that users are caught in a second, and then want to stroll around; When writing this title, you can use the following questions to evaluate whether the sentence is effective:

What are the most important benefits of our products to this reader?

Are there any of the following four U: useful (useful), special (unique), descriptive clear (ultra-specific), and Urgency (Urgent).

Explain the benefits without stating the function

Notably, the benefits are not equal to functions, such as the following examples:

Product: ipod 64GB.

Function: There is 64GB storage space.

Good: You can jam 10,000 songs in your pocket and use it for a party all night.

On the home page, users should be emphasized on the benefits, because this is what they really need. Moreover, the subscript can be a rather serious matter; in fact, even with the effort of the entire team to brain storming, or to group tests frequently (for the title only).

Say the word out of a sentence

On this issue, UX movement points out that if you want to set up a unique selling point, you need to finish it in one sentence. To be easy to read, not to the wording, to give the reader a glimpse of what the appeal is; example of Coacademy:

The picture on the left is their existing title, is the kind of the wording. But in fact they can say it in a word, and the title on the right is really simpler than the left.

Avoid using vague adjectives that can be used on anyone

There are many ways to describe your site, but the problem is that some adjectives are really too broad for anyone to use, and using these adjectives won't make your site particularly interesting. Use more precise and unique words to describe what benefits you can bring to the user. This allows the reader to have a clearer picture of what you are offering, knowing that your product is different from others and that you want to know more.

Sidetour's web site is special and interesting, but the user has no way to see what the unique selling point is from the title of the plateau. Their titles use too wide an adjective, every website can be used; think carefully about how to best describe your product, such as the above, the second sentence will be more clear than the first sentence.

Fonts are really important.

As early as 2006, Oliver Reichenstein proposed that 95% of Web content is typography, typography.

Choose a good-looking font, and draw pleasing to the eye of the layout can greatly increase the look of the site, even if only simple fonts, blocks and lines, still very good-looking.

Onswipe, for example, uses an elegant typeface to achieve a unique selling point. This allows users to feel that the product is fashionable and creative. Also, this line of words is quite clear, with appropriate font use, more points. It is worth noting that they put the web font, rather than using a graph, not only can enhance SEO, and will not be in the span of the device to produce resolution problems.

Home page triggers the user action message (call to action) can only have one

All content has an action to allow the user to take, and then make sure that the user is easy to take this action.

In order for the user to complete the action smoothly, the buttons on any form or link should be very clear, big enough and obvious enough; this also means that the home page triggers the user action message (call-to-action) only one, allowing the user to receive a consistent message and perform only one action.

The message of disagreement will only confuse the user and let them start to think about it, and, let users think about whether to use is the worst case, they will even start to think: What I am doing here, and eliminate the purchase decision just now.

Reduce friction

In addition to ensuring that the message to the call to action is clearly packaged, reducing friction is also important, which means trying to avoid some of the user's anxieties.


Careful consideration of these concerns can help you communicate effectively with your users.

Users may wonder if I need this or the benefit of the product, and this time, giving them actual data or credible third party evidence can effectively enhance the dialogue in greater depth. As for credit card-related issues, show them security measures, fraud prevention measures, and guarantees from the operations team, and so on, will reduce the user's anxiety to some extent.

Source: Quora, UX Movement; Picture Source: ΒETHAN,CC Licensed

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