A case of solving the problem of wireless network card in WIN8 system

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Some users are currently in the environment has wireless signal, wireless card installation is also completely correct, turned on the lights are bright, but can not find the signal, on the net, this is why? We know that it takes three levels of Setup to turn on wireless access: physical switches, software switches, and wireless services. The wireless LED will not light until the switch is turned on. So when the indicator light is on but still unable to search the wireless network signal, check to see if the wireless service is not turned on. Knowing the reason, we are easy to solve.

The workaround is as follows:

1, open the Service management interface. You can open it in three ways:

(1) Right click on the desktop computer icon, select "Management", click "Services and Applications", click "Services";

(2) Press the Windows logo key (the key to the Windows logo on the keyboard) and the R key, open the running interface, enter services, click OK

(3) At the same time press the CTRL,SHIFT and ESC three keys, open Task Manager, click the "Services" tab;

2. Locate the WLAN AutoConfig (WLANSVC) service, if it is manual or disabled, right-click the service to select Enable (the Task Manager service displays "start"). If you want this service to run automatically after startup, right-click the service Select "Properties", the Startup type is selected as "Automatic", then click "Apply", click "Enable", click "OK" button to close the Settings window. This restarts the computer so that the service can run automatically.

If your service is disabled or started manually, the service will not start automatically after you restart the computer. If you need this service to start automatically, according to the above method for the relevant settings, so that your wireless services can be successfully opened, your wireless internet function can be restored to normal, have the same problem friends, you must remember to first check if your service is normal open Oh!

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