A case study of information attention by using multiple-choice questions

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If we want to know what the user browsing a page is looking at? Generally to have the following methods: 1. View the stream data, such as CTR (click through rate, click Conversion Rate/Point selection), click on the hot map (Heat map, can be used to test different layout methods, The effect of color scheme on the overall effect); 2. Eye movement test can get the user's gaze trajectory, the gaze time of a block, the number of gaze points, the number of times to sweep, and gaze at Getoux. 3. User interviews and user testing, qualitative understanding of the user's browsing behavior and the reasons behind.

Methods 1 belonged to quantitative analysis, and methods 2 and 3 were qualitative studies. In view of the user to the page information concerns the research, the page clicks the data not all, we cannot accurately analyze those cannot produce the effective clicks the browsing behavior, but the qualitative research may excavate the user attention the information and the reason, but cannot quantify, the persuasive power is insufficient. Therefore, the general use of quantitative and qualitative methods to study the combination.

In this paper, we should discuss the grey scheme between quantitative and qualitative analysis, that is, using the choice problem of questionnaires to excavate and analyze the user's attention to the page information. The survey can not only understand the user's behavior and attitude, but also because of the large amount of collection, has a certain degree of persuasion. In the questionnaire, the index which involves the click behavior can be validated and analyzed with the click Data; for the index that does not involve the click behavior, we can use qualitative research (such as user interview) to determine the research content, design options, and then use the questionnaire to collect data to quantify the user's viewpoint.

The attention point of the choice question design:

1. The choice of the type of questions.

Questions can have multiple-choice, single choice, scoring problems. Determine the types of questions according to the research content. If you want to know more about the users of the information section, and the existing number of information boards more, more than 5 (data reference: The analysis method of multiple topics in the survey Questionnaire (2)), the use of multiple-choice, such as Figure 1, if less than 5, such as the existing Wang Pu product section classification based on 4 common ways, you can use the scoring problem, As shown in Figure 2. The difference between the scoring problem and the multiple-choice question is that the scoring problem makes the user's evaluation more exquisite, but the cost is higher, so it is applicable to the topic of fewer options (generally no more than 5). If the research content needs to be clear about the most concerned, the most commonly used information of the nature, you should use a single choice, to clarify the problem.

Figure 1 Examples of multiple topics

Figure 2 Example of a scoring question

Figure 3 Example of single selection

2. Option Design

The choice design is based on the qualitative research result, avoid the researcher subjective conjecture user possible behavior. The options should contain all possible situations as much as possible, and the degree of segmentation of the options will directly affect the inference of the findings.

The following case analysis:

Case name: Clothing buyers to Wang Pu home information on the survey


Help sellers understand buyers, to create High-quality Wang Pu home.

Second, research ideas

1. How to select the research object?

In consideration of Wang Shop home decoration industry differences, decided to first select an industry to conduct pilot research, due to the apparel industry online trading volume is high, conducive to the late test Wang Pu home conversion rate changes, so this research object selected as the apparel industry buyers.

2. How to choose the research method?

This research is a quantitative verification of the objectives and views of users, so the use of questionnaire research, delivery channel for IM surfaced. The questions in the questionnaire are:

1 more topics such as: In the image shown below the product information, I am more concerned about is (Figure 1)

2 Questionnaire questions such as: Please rate your attention to the following categories of products (Figure 2)

This question needs to be calculated with the attention index. The concern index indicates how much attention the user has to the information, between 0 and ~. The closer the index is to 1, the more attention is paid to the degree. Concern index = (1x weight value a+2x weight b+......+5x e)/5, the weight value is to select a certain score of the number of people accounted for.

3 single topics such as: The following product categories, the most convenient for me to find the product is (Figure 3)

3. Research Content

1 What is the most interesting information for buyers?

2 to the Supplier information, product information, the company information of the dots, buyers most concerned about?

3 What kind of product classification most attractive to buyers, the most convenient for their search?

The classification of the user background information in the questionnaire is as follows:

1 According to the purchase behavior: the typical buyer (in Alibaba has had the purchase behavior, only buys does not sell), the sale has (in Alibaba has had the purchase behavior, the sale all has), hangs out the buyer (does not have the purchase behavior in Alibaba, but has the purchase intention).

2) by sex: male, female

3) by age: 18~25, 26~35, 36 and above (note: 18 years of age are not allowed to open Wang Pu)

Background information is an important dividing dimension for the comparison of group views in the statistical analysis of questionnaires.

4. Research Notes

The questionnaire was effectively recycled 332 copies. The number of buyers and sellers in the sample is slightly different from the actual overall (see table 1), which is often encountered in network research, the sample structure is biased, the solution is proportional weighting, so that the key structure of the sample adjustment to the overall key structure of the alignment. Weight = A group of people in the overall ratio/group in the sample ratio, proportional weighting only in this survey of the sample overall statistics used, does not involve the group statistics by user background classification.

Table 1 weight calculation of proportional weighting

Proportion of the total percentage of the population in the classification (total ratio/sample proportion)

Buyer 24%32%0.73

There's 76%68%1.13 in the business.

Third, the research results (listed part)

1. Clothing buyers to Wang Pu home on the theme, the most concerned about the supply of products section (80%). In the process of looking at the product will also be according to the seller of the category of the supply products to find (61%). Of course, it is also necessary to audit the supplier Information (73%), and contact method (55%) is also the focus of buyers to view.

2. Sellers in the promotion of products, often the product into a number of major categories, commonly named: Shop owners recommend products, hot products, promotional products, the latest products. According to this survey, buyers are actually most concerned about hot products and the latest products.

3. Clothing buyers are most like to click on product categories to view product information (59%), in a number of messy product classification, they are most accustomed to product types (such as blouses, skirts, under loading, etc.) to find products (44%).

(Omit partial results)

Iv. Research and summary

This research is to use the choice question in the questionnaire to carry on the information attention research case, the statistical method does not involve the complex mathematics modelling, facilitates the statistical beginner to begin to use. And the research cost is low, the research cycle is shorter, it is worth recommending to everybody to use.

Attention Points of research:

1. The design of the questionnaire should be based on a qualitative understanding of the content of the survey. This research option design source and the Alibaba China website existing Wang Shop homepage content qualitative summary and classification. Other methods can be used such as: reference historical research materials, user interviews and so on.

2. When the sample quantity is less than 1000, if the key structure in the recovery sample is biased, a weighted correction is recommended.

3. Summary of research steps:

The first step, through the review of historical research data, interview users, design the questionnaire topic options, determine the user background information content.

Step two, put the questionnaire

The third step, collect and statistic questionnaire data

The fourth step is to organize the report. In the report, for the index that involves the click Behavior, can combine the click Data to carry on the verification analysis, for does not involve the click behavior the target, then uses the questionnaire collection data to quantify analyzes the user viewpoint.

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