A common experience will bring two relationships closer.

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On television, we often see two people who are particularly good, even if one person can die for another.

Look down again, only to find that both of them are orphans.

Why do they have such a good relationship?

Because they have a common experience and are not experienced by others (all orphans)

Keilingshan because 林平 her back up the mountain and moved her heart.

And 林平 the back of her mountain, in fact, not because he wanted to do anything, but because she was injured, really can not walk the road.

Why would a woman be dead to the man if she slept with a man?

Because the woman subconsciously thought: I slept with him, and I really loved him.

women like men who don't care about themselves, and the same men don't like women who already like them .

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Only scarcity can attract, it is easy to get or ubiquitous can not produce attraction.

Why do people like diamonds? Because diamonds are scarce and difficult to get.

Why are people attracted to movies?

Because movies can make people produce various emotions, such as fear, moving, happy, nervous.

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A common experience will bring two relationships closer.

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