A common lack of integrity in the design circle

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Today is very black, very cult, a buddy told me online, a turtle grandson customers to play him: "I 5000 of the ocean design fee or back, how to do?" "," rights protection basic No, online denunciation is equal to 0, you still good to say the design fee and manuscript get back. "-it's not because the recovery has eased," said a similar incident.

I think the bad stuff in business is still there, for our country, honesty has always been a very luxurious quality, but apart from these few parts, most of the customers are silly and naïve. What's the trick in dealing with this kind of customer? I will say later, today I reverse the road-I am thinking, whether the integrity of the designer need not guarantee? Is the designer always the victim? I do not think so.

Designers think that the designer is good, is good, it is not related to human nature, just the same identity and recognition and compassion. In the design circle of the common lack of integrity of the behavior are:

1. Shop bully, two-way merchants

Perhaps you get used to it, most of the less design companies are disguised, they use gorgeous websites and sophisticated business cards, holding a Mac notebook, wearing a suit to contact customers, to obtain trust and orders. Finally, you find that the company has only a shell, no actual design capabilities, not to mention the design of the research and attention, they will only continue to find small workshops to outsource, or to squeeze the low cost of CP.

Customers are deceived by their good looks, and when they put design fees into their accounts, they will face endless revisions and revisions. And you may also think that this is their rigorous style.

Of course, outsourcing is the normal means, but the design of the emphasis is quality, which is "direct marketing" and "MLM" the difference, two-way merchants only pay attention to money, and will not pay attention to quality control.

2. Templating Marketing

Want to template monster and Zcool such website really is to save a batch of material and template mixed ration of art, I have been accustomed to find street signs, outdoor leaflets, restaurant signs in a large number of similar and no copyright template works.

As a customer, have you ever wanted to pay attention to the deluge of material on the Internet? When you deal with 500 yuan a design cooperation and contentment, you found that the street to make a copy of the girl is using this pattern made of mouse pad in stealing vegetables. This is the real harm of templating marketing, it replaces the title of the designer with a group of PS, and because it is too low to calculate costs, the market price is extremely confusing.

Templating ultimately affect not only the trust of customers, as well as the professional integrity of the designer, when Adobe is determined to upgrade the PS to the neighbor aunt can also use, such a phenomenon should be extinct.

3. Pirated cats also have to stand in the arch

than the template is also terrible (yes, some of the template material or to pay to buy) is, shameless direct replication, and direct copy. How many leather companies in their "work show" plate hanging theskinsfactory,fatansyinteractive,theiconfactory ... Copy works and Shanzhai version of the works, I do not want to count, graphic design field is rampant.

These designers in the means of soliciting customers is extremely despicable and lack of self-confidence, they are in the forum shouting "do not only look at foreign design, we have to have China's own characteristics", the other side but the use of access to the advantages of design resources, Lada, to attract the eyes of the domestic ignorant customers.

What if the client saw it? Sorry, there is always a lack of design contract, "The work by Party B designer XXX Original, if there are copyright questions and disputes, Party B designer XXX will be fully responsible." ”

4. Exaggerate, bid up the price

Again stingy customers to design cooperation is completely without IQ, not very stingy, is to put the situation of money, and many designers also use this, "You are not rich?" Come on ~ ~ ~ "

So we saw a guy with a bunch of rookie, engaged in more than 500,000 of the site, there are cottage designers using templates to do a set of value of 300,000 albums ... Not that there is no such a high price, but to do things should be worthy of their conscience, your every exaggeration of deception, are the entire industry design staff to the cost of food and clothing.

The integrity of the designer should be embodied in the "from the customer point of view", the need to invest in the part should be detailed calculation, you can save the cost should be timely to tell customers, you treat the customer as a lamb to slaughter, customers also naturally regard you as a beast, do not need to sympathize with the goods

5. Repeated version of the multiple use

This is supposed to be a cause, a Korean design company I know: "Our contract clearly says that each design can only be used for one product, but Chinese customers never comply with the agreement." "So, I think the designer's use of a manuscript for multiple customers is also a factor of cost and integrity."

The originality of design can be embodied in the cooperation, and the added value of design-"originality" and "exclusivity" is also a very important part, why not tell them clearly? I'm sure some companies and designers think this is the way to make a difference in the sense of hunger in the side. But this kind of practice is still a little evil.

Finally, the "dark matter" of the design circle is definitely more than that, and these are not the architects ' rules of success, and I'm proposing these phenomena because I want to tell you the truth, in the absence of integrity in the black channel, if there is only one lamp, then this lantern will attract all the people passing by to come

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