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At noon yesterday (March 24), my boss called me into the office and told me: "the company has been disbanding for two months now. You can find a job and wait for me to pull in the funds, come back. I will give you your salary next month. I haven't paid my rent this month ..." I stunned and saw him with a red eye. It was clearly about declaring disband and failing to start a business. It was just a euphemism, and they knew each other in their hearts.

Actually, I have guessed this day, but it is a little earlier than I expected.

This will start from January 1, last June. one afternoon, I posted my resume online at an Internet cafe and received a phone call for an interview. The company was located on a residential building. Besides the boss, the company had a small employee, I wanted to turn around and leave. But now I want to fill out my resume. I made the webpage for the interview, carefully filled out my resume, and talked with my boss, he wants to engage in game dating websites. Simply put, he wants to make friends in the virtual world become real offline friends through our network platform. This idea has been brewing six months ago, we can still talk about it. I was attracted by his ideas, with a monthly salary of 3500 million yuan. This is also good in the Shanghai webpage production industry. In this way, I will go to work.

After work, I helped him recruit Game Station planners. Game planners must be very familiar with mainstream games, but because the boss is a half-way (he used to send text messages to the group ), he is a legend player at best, so he still doesn't know much about online games, and I don't know much about it. So we have been interviewing many gamers, some are hardcore, and there are also big game companies like GM, but they either play only one or two games, or they can't talk too much about each other.

After about a month, I finally got the right one. It was inconvenient to disclose his name. He used to be a famous game company in China because his department was relocated to another place, he and his wife are both in Shanghai, so they didn't go with the company. He used to do game planning in the company. As if he remembered that he planned the first karting race in China, the boss discussed with me and offered him 2 k monthly subscriptions. Although there were not many, we all had shares after making a profit. Then, at J's suggestion, we thought that the future direction was also to establish a game Guild, but it was a dating Guild. So we began to study the guild system of multiple game games and duoniu game. In those days, the three of us have been discussing the architecture and functions of the future website for about a month. The frontend presentation mode and background functions both have a framework. You can start to do it. In fact, it mainly involves websites, blogs, and forums.

Because the boss is very familiar with the boss of an Internet company, I want to give them the form of outsourcing package for our website. In the past of planning and planning, I first went to work in their company, in disguise being Dangdang supervisor. However, I think it is best to have a team of our own, because it is impossible for us to think about perfection as soon as we come up, and we must constantly develop and improve in use. Otherwise, we will be very passive, and, the cost is also very high. (Remember that their company quoted million images at that time)

In this way, we began to recruit our own technical team to use PHP + MySQL, prepare to buy a server, and use Linux. In this way, a PHP programmer and an artist prepare to pay about yuan a month. I am looking for a friend of mine. He used to outsource heavy battle projects in the ninth city and learned about some games. So it is quite appropriate. I took my friend and my boss to dinner, my boss was supposed to give him a full-time job, but his current monthly salary is close to 6 K, so he can only do part-time jobs. his part-time job is the same salary as my full-time job, the premise is that you have to come over every weekend to ensure you can work with programmers. He provided as many full-time jobs as I did. At that time, my heart was quite unbalanced and sweaty! Skipped ..

I posted a post on the blue ideal and csdn to find the PHP program. The boss looked for the PHP program on 51job. Many of them asked for a monthly salary of kb or even million. Finally, I saw a phper on the market. He just came out from www.wang.com and wanted to start a business together with a person in Shanghai. (I think it's in his brackets: The character is okay, I finally understood what this sentence really meant .) So I gave him QQ to the boss, asked them to talk about it, and finally provided accommodation. 3500 was done. Later, through planning, we recruited a colleague who played and ran the karting Che. A professional driver, he was the first Chinese champion in the world of K1, reimbursement for lunch and dinner, with a monthly salary of 1800. In this way, we can now use the popularity of this game to gather the popularity of the website. In this way, we finally got all the people together, and then the server was bought and the machine room was shelved. During that time, it was quite smooth. The boss often invited us to dinner, karaoke, and we were even drunk. During this time, the boss met another planner through my friends, he spoke to major game companies. Later, the people in these game circles who the boss was dealing with were also introduced by him. Everything seems so smooth.

There were too many people and too many ideas. over the weekend, everyone gathered in the company to brainstorm and discuss the development direction and profit model of our website (we signed a confidentiality agreement ), in the evening, the boss will go out to drink karaoke. Later, I moved to the company and the boss asked the program to move over as soon as possible because he lived in Xujiahui, which was too far away from us in Pudong. In fact, the boss also had his thoughts, I am afraid that one of us will suddenly quit. Later, the program finally agreed to move the company to live, but asked him to stay in one room. The boss agreed. Let's look at the room originally used as a meeting room and pour it out as a bedroom for him, I cleaned up all the rooms again, and then the boss went to buy him a bed with the sun. But the next day, the programmer could not help but find a house near the company. My boss and I were very angry with our plans. I packed up my work with big sweat, but he stayed for a few days. Soon, the planning staff went back to their hometown for leave and said they had something to do at home. As a result, they did not go back and went home with their wife to start their own business. He just went on his own as my boss thought. The boss tried his best to persuade him to come back. However, in the end, he was helpless and never returned. Programmer, he wants to share shares with the boss, but the boss thinks that there is no profit now. If there is profit, everyone has a share. It is now a difficult start-up stage. I also think it should not be necessary for him to be difficult.

One night at the ktv, the programmer left early and we had three rounds of wine. He patted us and said, "I am very sorry for you. The company is not profitable yet, you don't have much to pay." We said: This is understandable in the entrepreneurial stage. He said: "programmers have been asking for shares with me all the time and think that he has the greatest credit ...", As he said, he started to feel a little sad. We persuaded him to give him encouragement.

In fact, what he gave was not too low. Soon, the programmer asked for leave and went back to his hometown. At that time, the news channel blog channel was just set up and there are still many functions to be improved. When he leaves, it is equivalent to a shutdown and the plan cannot be launched on time. The boss urged him to come back quickly, but he meant to add money. Then, the boss was helpless and gave him a 5 K monthly salary. He finally came back and rented a house near the company. Soon, my friend went back to his hometown and started his own business.

Soon, the boss told me very sadly that programmers still want to share shares with him. Not only does the program work for him, but the server management right is also in his hands. in linux, no one will do it. The boss discussed with me whether to format the server and re-do it. Otherwise, I am afraid it will be useless. I said this is everyone's painstaking efforts and it will not be that step, let's ask someone at the data center or look for a solution to crack the password.

Finally, the boss gave him money. I don't know how much it is, but I am very BS of him! I also think the boss is very naive. I even started to pity him. I had a bad hunch.

The boss began to think about investment. He went to Beijing to study enterprise management and actively sought venture capital. However, we do not have a good team at all, there is no well-known program function worth investing in, so he has been searching... Looking...

During this period, we studied 51.com, facebook, and blogs, but we found it impossible to surpass them. We studied secondlife and wanted to do secondlife in China, however, we have found that HiPiHi and Novoking are already available in China, and we are really looking for our own direction. I always want to make friends in the same city. Later, on the eve of the dissolution, I thought it should be dominated by city bars. Without a firm direction, I think this is fatal and there is no profit point if there is no direction.
During this period, the karting driver worked hard and asked his ex-girlfriend to come to the company for planning (as if in 86 years). The boss couldn't get him entangled and agreed. The girl also lived in the company, the One Where programmers used to live. In this way, two thousand more expenses are incurred each month, and lunch and dinner expenses are reimbursed. When she arrived, it started to get cold last winter. She was unable to get cold at all. In the evening, the Office (living room), the air conditioners in her bedroom were all open, and she often forgot to close the room when she went to bed.

In this way, the monthly fixed expenditure is as follows:
I (3500) + Program (5000) + drivers (1800) + female planning (2000) + rent (3800) + utilities broadband fee (around 800) + driver and female meal planning fee (480*2) = about 18000
We also invite players in the game industry to have dinner with venture capitalists, as well as drivers who often go to other places to participate in the round-trip flight tickets, accommodation, and server hosting fees I don't know, about 30 thousand a month. As of March 24, he had talked to me. He had invested nearly 0.3 million yuan and had no savings.

This is nearly a year of entrepreneurship. I have summarized the following points::

  1. We must have a firm and long-term direction to analyze the value points, functions, and presentation methods of our products;
  2. It is necessary to grasp the needs of prospective users, use their own products from the user's perspective, and find profit points;
  3. Believe in the ability to coordinate employees, and have a united team;

Okay, it's already 02:15. Now, I have been writing for more than two hours. It may be a poor expression. Let's take a look, alas, the first time I got close contact with my startup failure!

REF: http://www.blueidea.com/tech/site/2008/5579.asp

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