A golf club destroys a National Air Force

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How much firepower is required to destroy a country's air force? How much does it cost to play a golf course? Two seemingly unrelated questions have become incredible causal answers in Benin, a small country in West Africa.

The story happened in noova, the capital of Benin in 1987. Matthew Boya, a 42-year-old golf fan, took some of his broken clubs and several old golf balls after a day of farm work in the cotton field, I went to a vacant space near the Benin Air Force Base to enjoy the game. When he was working abroad, he saw others playing golf and became fascinated by the swing, but he could not afford the great expenses of the aristocratic movement. Of course, even if you have money, it is useless. Benin in the "country of projectile" does not have a golf course.

Boya waved his club frequently and watched the ball fly high and far. He raised his head and squinted at the tumble white ball in the air. He was excited by a beautiful blow. However, no one can imagine the next scene.

The white ball crossed the wire mesh of the Air Force Base and played a flying bird in an unbiased manner. The wounded bird fell onto the runway. At this time, a phantom fighter is in the takeoff status, and the cockpit Hood has not been closed. The rapidly falling bird fell straight into the cockpit, hitting the pilot's helmet, and then struggling with wings. The pilot was suddenly stunned and he was not able to operate normally. The lost fighter plane deviated from the runway and plunged into the fleet parked on the edge of the runway.

Five phantom fighters burst into fire one after another, and a huge fire hit the sky. In a twinkling of an eye, all of Benin's Air Force-five phantom fighters are torch. Even for any developed country, this should be a terrible tragedy. for Benin, one of the least developed countries announced by the United Nations is a huge disaster!

Boya's "shocking" blow destroyed the Benin Air Force and sent himself to jail. He was quickly arrested. Faced with the huge compensation of $0.4 billion, Boya, whose annual income is only $275, reluctantly chooses to be imprisoned for life.

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