A good swimmer, a good rider

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"Huai Nan Zi-the original Tao training": "The good man and the good rider are all in their favor, and the opposite is self-defeating. "
After the end of World War II, the Royal Air Force Statistics on the causes and locations of fighter planes and dead pilots that crashed during the war, as well as the causes and locations of the plane crash, were shocking: what takes the most of life is not the violent artillery of the enemy, nor the violent storms of nature, but the pilot's operation mistakes.
What is even more puzzling is the time when accidents occur most frequently, not in the fierce crossfire, not in the emergency retreat, but in the minutes when the fighter plane returns to victory after completing the task and is about to land.
However, psychologists are not surprised at this result. They say this is a typical psychological phenomenon. After a high degree of tension, once the external stimulus disappears, human psychology will produce a "almost uncontrollable relaxation Tendency ". The pilot is highly concentrated in the bullets and rain of the enemy. Although the outside environment is poor, the brain is in extreme excitement, but it cannot be easily leaked.
On the way back, the pilot became more relaxed. When he finally saw the familiar base and his plane was getting closer and closer to the runway, he suddenly felt safe. However, it was just this moment of relaxation that led to a big disaster. Therefore, people call this state "false security ".

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