A good user experience is all about the perfect moment.

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Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: increase the user satisfaction of the website instantly.

In his masterpiece "The Return to interactive design", the bandits exposed the topic of the last fun group contest that our group shared, "the thrill of the moment," but this is a very gimmick theme, bandits old moist cherish words such as gold only used a few words of very summed up ... Sweat, not enough words, words not enough ... Below I will use the illustrated way to illustrate our point of view.

In the first moment, when a visitor has just opened our website, he may first want to look at the name of the site and its function; And the next moment may start to move the hands of the small mouse to the interest of something on the point. Then it may be to find out where to register and so on. However, in these moments how can the viewer find pleasure, improve his satisfaction?

1, button of the mouse down state

We know that the button has no action, mouse over, mouse down, bounce four of states, but now most of the site's buttons are only designed to not move, the mouse through these two states, which is more regardless of how your little mouse to trample it is only one state. I'm not saying these things are bad, I just feel that if we put the mouse down when we design, we will increase the visitor's satisfaction and let them get pleasure in the clicks. As we normally do with the switch light operation, when the finger on the switch panel press, with the "PA" This light crisp sound, the switch is pressed, the light is on.

Baidu in the picture above the mouse down state deepened the color, Google search will be directly to the background of gray, from the visual to the viewer most intuitive feeling this button I pressed.

2, the mouse can also be like this

When we design, in order to let the viewer better understand the meaning of the words or the current state will be to the text with a corresponding icon, when the mouse is usually the way to change the color and change the direction. But Taobao home processing is very innovative, the original mouse can also be like this.

PS: The above effect with Firefox or Chrome view
In the figure above the search behind the small triangle in the not action is pointing below, when the mouse after the small triangle clockwise rotation 180 degrees to the bottom, the mouse left counterclockwise rotation 180 back to the original position; the icon in front of the world of Taobao is rotated 35 degrees clockwise when the mouse passes by. After the mouse left counterclockwise rotation 35 degrees back to the original position. This processing way lets the visitor get rid of the boring browsing, this instantaneous mood is joyful.

3, pop-up layer also has a twist

The pop-up layer is what we often encounter when browsing the page, its benefits I do not say, here I want to talk about the way they appear and disappear. It is usually done when the viewer triggers a translucent mask layer and the pop-up layer appears with it. Thunderbolt 7 came to a twist.

In the image above, when we click on the skin settings (yellow small clothes) button, we will see the skin theme of this pop-up layer at 180 degrees to rotate this "difficult action" debut, when we click the Close button, it again to enlarge and fade "coquettish" away. And the usual pop-up layer straight to the way in comparison, let us in that instant feel happy, excited. Of course not all of the window plus this effect will enhance satisfaction, the enhancement of the effect is accompanied by the increase in process time, where the need to deal with the balance of the problem, in a series of boring operations, the dynamic effect of embellishment will make people see a bright, frequent abuse will only produce visual fatigue.

In addition to the above mentioned button, the mouse through the state, pop-up layer there are a lot of details such as: Drop-down menu appears in the way from shallow to deep, from small to large and so on, I do not enumerate here. Every detail, every moment, is likely to strengthen or destroy the visitor's confidence in a product or company. We should focus on every interaction detail in our work, and they are an integral part of the full user experience. Only by continuous improvement and innovation can we improve the user's satisfaction.

Finally borrow a word from the book "Good user experience, all in those perfect moment." "Above expresses my personal to the detail enhancement user satisfaction aspect some understanding, the level is limited, insufficient place, welcome correction."

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