A mistake that has been experienced in a project

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In the project I was involved in, the impact is more profound is the teaching system for a college, this system provides a bulk entry of students function, you can write a text document to the student list in bulk into the database. In the development of all the use of normal, after the use of teachers to report the problem, upload text documents generated garbled.

Learned that the problem after I tried on the local machine a few times are normal, so to come to the problem of the document to test, the results of problems, but still do not see where the problem, and then suddenly found that the issue of the document more than two lines blank lines, delete blank lines, the document can be uploaded normally. The code should be added to the processing of blank lines.

The emergence of this problem I feel a comprehensive rigorous software testing for our future software products and the normal release and use of the importance.

A mistake that has been experienced in a project

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