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                     Here we go

September 3, 2015 morning 9:15,ACM Laboratory, on the big screen is put President Xi welcomes guests from all countries, the laboratory's small partners have also prepared a day of dry food, as usual test. Now sitting in the laboratory, only to find a summer vacation really even the beginning of the algorithm is not counted. It's time to play, the crazy, the freshman. Waiting for their own is a brighter tomorrow.

Actual situation:

Specialized courses: Java, assembly and interface.

Need to take the card, there is CET-4.

Make a plan:

1: In the large 21, which will mainly algorithm, assembly, as emphasis. Because of Java, I learned it, estimated 1:30. The teacher told me all about it.

Have to say there is no algorithm, programming there is nothing ah.

HDU Walk up!!!!!!

A person, a person

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