A practical guide to the development of LUA games Learning Note 2

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Learn lua in depth

First, the function

functions are the main tools for dividing game scripts.

The function starts with the function keyword followed by the name of the argument and then the list of arguments, ending with the end keyword

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Example of a single parameter

function SetName (myString)

Print ("")

Print ("Your name is:", myString)

Print ("")


"MyString" is passed to the function and used in the function, and the arguments in the function are local variables, which are recycled after the call is finished .

Lua can define a variable-length parameter list, using the (... Instead of the parameter list, LUA creates a local table with the name ARG, saves all invocation arguments, and the number of arguments (obtained by ARG.N)

function Howmany (...)



return value

function uses the return keyword followed by a numeric value (usually a variable name) to return the result

function Timestwo (my)

my = my * 2

return my


Function can also return multiple results

function Threedice ()

D1 = Math.random (1,6)--Take random numbers

D2 = Math.random (1,6)

D3 = Math.random (1,6)

Mytotal = D1+d2+d3

Return d1,d2,d3,mytotal


You can also call another function using return

Standard library

assert (myvalue) ()

The Assert function can run a compiled block of code like a function (chunk)

Dofile (filename)

Dofile loads and immediately executes a LUA script file, typically used to load a defined file for invocation, or to load a data file (such as an archive)

Example: Dofile ("Scripts/function.lua")

mathematical Operators , LUA provides a function-level mathematical operator that can invoke the C standard library.

Take absolute value
The maximum value in a collection
Inverse cosine function
The minimum value in a collection
Inverse chord function
Take the mold
Inverse tangent function Math.pow
Two x x, y

Angle to radians
Take a minimum integer value that is not less than the function parameter Math.sin
Zheng Xuan
Yu Xuan
Calculate square root
Radian to Angle
Calculates the exponential power of E. parameter is exponential Math.frexp
Exponential calculation, two parameters, first parameter is base, second parameter is exponent

Math.floor Rounding down
Math.ldexp Exponential calculation (x*2^y), two parameters, first parameter x is, second parameter is exponential
Calculates the pair value of an e-based parameter X
Random generation of pseudo-random numbers between 0~1
With Math.log
Set random number Seed

Common functions

Math.floor ()

The floor function is used to take down the whole (the concept of no floating-point or integer in Lua), which is simply to take out the fractional part

such as: a = 5.125

b = 5.72

Print (Math.floor (a))

Print (Math.floor (b))

The output is all



If you want to achieve rounding , then you can add 0.5 to a, b

Math.random ()

Math.random randomly generates pseudo-random numbers between 0~1, and Lua can pass in the maximum and minimum values, randomly generating numbers in this range.

such as: Mfdie = Math.random (1,6)

Math.min (), Math.max ()

Math.min () determines the maximum and minimum values in a collection

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A practical guide to the development of LUA games Learning Note 2

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