A practical tutorial on precise location marketing of micro-business promotion skills

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Micro-commerce, and now casually login or what social, basically are micro-commerce in the brush screen, micro-commerce in addition to brush screen what pointers? Of course there are many, here we will talk about the micro-commerce promotion of the point-based on the location of precision marketing marketing methods and strategies.

If you say that based on the circle of friends to brush the screen is a way, it is based on the circle of friends, how to break this line, then we take the position of marketing means to carry out, I believe many people have played this marketing method, also have not played the micro-business friends, then here we give these have not played friends introduce, Also share our own experience.

Based on precise location marketing, it is necessary for us to be able to log in from different places and enter the vicinity of the people, so that the nearby people have a considerable opportunity to see our information or promotional products. OK, so how can we log in from different places, of course, you can also buy a ticket, shuttle between different cities .... Of course it's just a joke.

Concrete practical method, we say, if you are an Android phone, install stone-cut simulator on the phone, this tool function is able to simulate the whole set of phone parameters, of course, including the location, here we only use its location function, this is a bit of a fuss, but as long as we can meet our functional requirements, It's best to restart your phone once for the first time, then open the stone simulator, and you can create random parameters with one click, or set your position to our ideal place, Then open 6.2.6 version, enter the vicinity of the people to see, is not the display of the people are the location of our simulation of the person, the next thing I do not need to say more, I looked at the run.

A practical tutorial on precise location marketing of micro-business promotion skills

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