A record of four children events in Guizhou

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Looking back last week, the United States interest rate hike, Greek default, Putin visit Japan and many other events affecting people, but the most can touch my heart is Guizhou four children suicide.
An ordinary peasant without background, his wife abandoned him, he did not fall down, but from the remote poor Guizhou came to dissipation Shenzhen, relying on their own hands to fight, each month to send home money to feed four children, but also in the home cover up three storey building, perhaps the next plan is to marry a wife. The dream is on the way to success, but never thought his child actually killed himself. What kind of shock is this? Not only that, but also for his national media to kill the crusade. If there is no strong mental and strong body, how to continue life.
What is particularly regrettable is the departure of four left-behind children, the underlying reason behind which is China's huge urban-rural gap. 12-year-olds, who have not spent the best 17 years of their life, should have enjoyed a carefree time and explored the unknown world with curiosity. However, the tragedy is that all this cannot happen to them, because they are in a position. Even if there is no family tragedy caused by suicide, in addition to individual IQ superior, most of the rural was originally poor children have lost in the starting line. Perhaps life should let its natural, but when people face the temptation of worldly success, in addition to enter the competition, there is any way? A strong competition.
When faced with unfair hands, it is most reasonable to overturn the table directly, but the reality is not so simple as playing cards.
Perhaps, if they can keep their pure heart, they will live happily, happier than city dwellers.
Lost Time, a poem, talk to comfort.
When it's all over
Do you not hesitate to
But no regrets.
Cross the door.
Is Heaven
Under the blue sky and white clouds
On the soft grass
Little Friends
Run with all the fun
In the Clear Creek.
When the evening comes
The village rises to smoke
Grandpa and grandma stand at the entrance of the village
Welcome to the return of the Sun son
White Rice Fragrance
The bacon is filled with a basin
Have a good rest after eating
No homework pressure.
No discrimination against a bad neighbour
Only a happy time
Sleep, Junior.

A record of four children events in Guizhou

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