A summary of the planning Method of forum Marketing

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In the eyes of the general netizens, the forum is just the place of leisure and entertainment, nothing to see the post, write something to express feelings, find hot spots and so on, and then a smile. But for SEO friends can not be so simple, SEO is a very large concept, including technical means and a lot of work outside the promotion, the Forum is a part of the promotion of extrapolation, the use of good forum to promote, often can achieve unexpected results. Here is a detailed explanation.

  Purpose of the Forum promotion

Do a forum to promote the need to combine product positioning, to identify what kind of effect they want to achieve. In fact, the role of the Forum is nothing more than two: 1. For the site to bring more IP. 2. By leaving the chain, to enhance their own site weight, to improve the search engine rankings have some help. However, when the actual promotion of the two points is difficult to take into account, because the high volume of browsing can bring IP forum will not let you leave the chain, and easy to stay outside the chain of the forum often look at posts will not be a lot of people. Therefore, the promotion of the time to combine the nature of the forum to formulate a plan, and then look down.

 Forum Classification and Promotion methods

1. Large portal site

such as Sina, Sohu, NetEase, MOP, 19 floor and other large-scale portal sites have their own exclusive forum, the popularity is very high, there will be hundreds of thousands of daily traffic. Forum Each section is the moderator management, don't say outside the chain, stained point advertising information may be deleted. For such a forum, can only write some small soft text, write when the attention of advertising information is not too obvious, moderators will still spared. Title can do long tail keyword, with the help of the forum weight may soon be included in Baidu, or explosive, attract attention. Finally remember to change your signature to your website.

2. Medium Web Portal

This kind of forum has many, the section is very entire, the browsing quantity also is not small, some weights, is the belt outside the chain the extremely good choice. Forum for the quality of the post is not high (do not have illegal crime on the line), so you can set the keyword, and then find a suitable plate to send a. The main purpose of this is to increase the chain, improve the weight of the site, but the amount of browsing can not be guaranteed.

3. Garbage Forum

This kind of forum may do outside the chain freely, but does not suggest to do, because the advertisement is flying, everywhere is the rubbish information, the search engine absolutely will not like.

 How to find a forum

Having said so much, how can you find the forum resources?

Method One: Monitoring competitors, in Baidu Domain:www.***.co see their site is where to do promotion, not necessarily a forum, other ways can be used.

Method Two: Directly in Baidu search keywords + forums, such as your product is hairy crabs, on the importation of Hairy Crabs Forum, or food forum, as long as the relevant industries can be viewed.

Method Three: To Granville Guest website, see forum Post Task people are to where to do promotion. This method is the fastest, but good or bad, uneven, to organize themselves.

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